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Prince of Love by Donna Grant

ISBN: 978-1-906328-11-5
Genre: Paranormal
Book three in the Royal Chronicals Series
He’ll risk everything to claim her love – even his own life.

The youngest of the four princes, Sorin, has waited for the time he could search out his mate. For years he has looked up to his father and brothers as they set the standard to how a prince of Drahcir should live. Now it’s his time to due his duty, a duty he refuses to fail at. Not even the magical Tnarg’s who are trying to kill his mate will stand in his way.

But the Tnarg is one step ahead of him. Sorin has little time to convince his mate of what he is and where he comes from. Will the unmistakable attraction they share be enough to convince her to leave all that she knows for a magical kingdom?

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Prince of Love by Donna Grant

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Erotic Obsession by Iona Blair

ISBN: 978-1-906328-99-3
Genre: Contemporary/Historical
From the moment Jay finds the shockingly erotic photograph, concealed in the attic wall, he becomes obsessed with the image of the woman in it. She is a seductive femme fatale named Emma, who lived in his secluded island home over a hundred years ago. When he discovers her diary some time later, with it’s steamy account of her sexual adventures, it leads him into an intensely exciting world of fantasy and taboo. With the help of a pretty prostitute from an escort agency, Jay re-enacts the forbidden pleasures described by Emma, with explosive results. Then he meets Emma’s great, great granddaughter, a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to the seductress who has so completely captured his soul. As the erotically haunted couple explore their white-hot sexuality together, they enter into a wildly sensuous world that spins dangerously between the past and present.\

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Hit and Miss by Alexis Fleming
Lyn Cash

ISBN: 978-1-906328-98-6
Genre: Contemporary/Light BDSM/Bondage

Book one in the Sexy Mythconceptions Series

Nothing like a little foray into BDSM to make a girl feel good about herself.

When Kat Toomy discovers her lover cavorting on her bed in her underwear with his best buddy, she knows it’s time to kick his butt out of there and go looking for something to restore her confidence in herself.

Kat’s girlfriends offer her a weekend away on a tropical Australian resort that specialises in fulfilling fantasies and she’s all for it, particularly when she meets her new Master, Gabe Carpenter, who can turn her on with the flick of a button.

But how will Kat and Gabe feel when they find out they’ve been set up?

Sassy Brit
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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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