PRESS RELEASE – Online Writer Debuts Self-Published Novel "Gen X"

September 2009

Fact Writer Switches Gears to Self-Publish Novel Debut “Gen X” Through through the online publishing site

The novel is being sold through the popular site, as well as through

Tolar is a graduate of Cardinal Brennan High School and earned a degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. She is the current co-owner of Trifecta Strategies, a writing and online content management company that specializes in the internet market, writing web content, ebooks, articles, blogs, and marketing copy.

“In my day-to-day work, I write all fact. It’s been really nice to break out and explore my imagination.” the author says of her jump to fiction. “I created Gen X more than 10 years ago and put her on paper almost 4 years ago. While I got sidetracked, I never gave up on Gen. For as many rejections as I have had from national agents, I have had just as many people rave about what I have done, so I decided to self-publish and see where Gen could go.”

The novel’s genre is best described as chic-lit or women’s fiction. Tolar states “I’ve been getting some great feedback and according to what readers have told me, they just can’t put it down. People keep asking ‘What happens next?’ I am still wondering ‘What is happening now?!”.

Tolar has already scheduled several book signings in her native Pennsylvania and has participated in several virtual book tour stops online. Tolar is a regular blogger on and is a partner in recently launched, an ondemand content production site. Tolar has established a website and a mailing list for interested readers at and anyone interested in purchasing the book, including signed copies, can visit the website for the direct link to the available retailers. Entities interested in hosting a book signing should contact the author through the novel’s website.

Tisha Tolar

Trifecta Strategies, LLC

“Providing unique strategies for website content and online marketing.” “Gen X” – my first fiction novel is HERE- sign up at!

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