PRESS RELEASE: Adrianne Brennan’s booksigning @ Mass Morgue 2008!

Here’s the press release where I will be having my next booksigning event for Blood of the Dark Moon, the first book in the Dark Moon series. If you’re local to Cambridge, MA or have a chance at being there be sure to stop by!

More information about the book is at the bottom of the email below where the bios are located.

Love & Magic,

Lauri Murphy / Lucretia X. Machina
Lucretia’s Daggers, Mass. Morgue coordinator
Phone: 617-924-8959

Fifth Annual Mass. Morgue Local Band/Art/Performance Halloween Event combines Gloom, Electronica & Darkwave with Gothic Bellydancing, Horror/Fantasy Art, and a Happy Hardcore DJ

The non-stop music promotion machine of Dark Sky Productions’ booking agent, Anderson Lynne Mar, and Lucretia’s Daggers’ front-woman, Lucretia X. Machina, announce their fifth annual Mass. Morgue Halloween party, returning this year to the Cantab Downstairs on Sunday, October 26, 2008. A Late Night “Grab Cauldron” Raffle & Costume Contest will be held at midnight.

The 2008 installment features: *

– *FOUR BANDS: Eternal Embrace, Lucretia’s Daggers, The Shadows Smile,
and Streak;*
– *TWO GOTHIC BELLYDANCERS: Badriya al-Badi’a and Karina Khan; *
– *A VINYL-SPINNING DJ: Silentperformance; and*
– *TWO VENDORS of dark arts: black & white horror artist Dan Moran &
fantasy author Adrianne Brennan. *

*With the growing popularity of this annual event, the lineup and location of Mass. Morgue portends a sold-out show. Tickets can be purchased in advance from bands and organizers to guarantee admission. The Morgue closes at 12am. *

*Dark Sky Productions Presents:
Mass. Morgue 2008: Sunday, October 26**
The Cantab Downstairs *
*738 Mass. Ave., Central Sq. *
*(Red line T stop) *
*Cambridge, MA 02139 *
*Tickets: $10 in advance from bands & organizers; *
*$15 @ door day of show *
*7:30 PM-12 AM, 21+ *
*617-354-2685 *
*Flyer by Chris Dimock:

*For additional information, photos, etc., Contact: Lauri Murphy, Mass.
Morgue coordinator, Phone: 617-924-8959,<>


*Eternal Embrace: 11pm *
*Gothic Doom Metal *
* *
*Seven-member Eternal Embrace, featuring violin, keys, and two vocalists, is
Manchester, NH’s first and only Gothic Doom Metal band. The group has performed in New England since 2004 with well known bands Katatonia, Leaves Eyes, Insomnium, Swallow the Sun, and Shroud of Bereavement. Eternal Embrace creates a unique tapestry of metal that combines orchestral instruments, haunting keyboard melodies, driving guitars, tribal drumming, and avant-garde style vocals. With influences ranging from death and doom metal, black metal, gothic rock, new wave, classical, gypsy, and Middle Eastern music, Eternal Embrace is an exotic theatrical experience. The band’s latest album Snowfall is available for purchase on their website. *

*Lucretia’s Daggers: 10pm *
*Dark Lyrical Electro-Rock *
* / <> *
*Since since August 2001, Boston-based trio Lucretia’s Daggers has brought
an arty touch to their “dark lyrical electro-rock for the apocalypse”. With
a namesake derived from ’80s cult band The Sisters of
Shakespeare/Livy-penned poetic biography, and 16th c. Borgia legend, LD blends darkwave, synthpop, and futuristic metal with haunting female vocals. Combining passionate, confessional, introspective lyrics a la Fiona Apple and The Dresden Dolls; the quirk and inventiveness of XTC and Brian Eno; the guitar power of Steve Vai and John 5; mixed with the raw angst and politics of Nine Inch Nails and System of a Down, Lucretia’s Daggers has opened for national touring acts Mankind is Obsolete <> (May 2008) and ThouShaltNot <> (August 2008). LD has played high-profile clubs the Middle East and the Paradise Rock Club in Round I & II of the 2005 Emergenza International Festival Competition. LD released independent full-length album Sad Flower Songs<>in 2006. At Mass. Morgue, LD will perform original works and their signature cover
“Lucretia, My Reflection”. *

*The Shadows Smile: 9pm *
*Gothic-Rock-Metal *
* *
*”The voice that calls from the decayed tombs of our deceased loved ones.”
The band;s name is derived from the lyric “Just Paint Your Face / the Shadows Smile” from the song “Burn” by The Cure for gothic cult classic movie The Crow. Bubba Grimm (formerly of Immune, Discord X, and creator of the Johnny Strigoi project) founded TSS in early 2006 and released the Memento Mori E.P. Local, national, and international music fans immediately took notice of the E.P.’s eclectic mix of Goth/Industrial sounds and driving metal guitars. Hauntingly dark lyrics addressing stories of historical injustices and pagan themes separates The Shadows Smile from other bands. Recent lineup additions include acoustic drums and classically trained keyboardist/backup vocalist AMC. In late 2007, The Shadows Smile played with Pennsylvania’s Carfax Abbey, Gothminister of Norway, and the legendary band The Misfits. Participants in both the Bodog Battle of the Bands and the Emergenza International competition at the Paradise Rock Club, The Shadows Smile released their first self-produced full-length album Ghosts of Olde New England on June 21, 2007. Their full length album, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horrors, is due out in late fall/early winter of 2008. *

*Streak: 8pm *
*Industrial Rock & Televisions *
* <> / *
*From the mind of Chris Dimock, Streak began in 2004, with Paul Aho joining as live electronic drummer in early 2007. Streak’s live act blends industrial, rock, TV’s and shameless self promotion, like the Beach Boys tripping out on acid, running around in their underwear singing “I Get Around” and shouting “How about a little industrial with your sex?” Compared to such greats as 16volt, NIN and Ministry, Streak blends its own unique version of industrial-rock. Featured on the new “Sinister Music” compilation in distribution at the New England of Mayhem Fest, Streak have received airplay on a variety of college and online radio programs and recently appeared live on WXOJ 103.3FM’s “Music of Flywheel” program out of Northampton, MA. The band is currently completing their full-length debut CD scheduled for release later in 2008. Streak’s recording process, however, has not stopped them from playing a full schedule of shows around New England, including MA, VT, and CT. *

*DJ Silentperformance *
*Happy Hardcore & Hard Trance *
* / <> *
*Nick MacNeil, aka DJ Silentperformance, has been spinning vinyl since the summer of 2006. Among his shows are ManRay’s Xmortis at TT The Bear’s Place in Cambridge, and a private party for a Beat Forge Productions DJ. Like most DJs, Silentperformance witnessed his heroes spinning and thought, “Man I want to do that!”. So he decided to go a rather unique route and set out to become one of New England’s premiere Happy Hardcore DJs. At this year’s Mass. Morgue DJ Silentperformance will spin Hard Trance with a taste of Happy Hardcore and maybe some Drum&Bass. *

*Badriya al-Badi’a *
*Gothic Belly Dancer *
* *
*”Music made manifest in the flesh.” Badriya combines her years of listening
to gothic music with her traditional belly dance training to create dark musical interpretation written upon the body, a journey that takes the
viewer from the heights of elegant soulfulness to the rawest depths of emotion and all places between. A regular performer of both traditional Arabic style and gothic belly dance in the Boston area since 2000, Badriya al-Badi’a is the organizer of the annual gothic belly dance festival Raks Spooki, now in its third year, which features internationally-known workshop instructors and provides a unique performance opportunity for those interested in the darker side of dance. *

*Karina Khan *
*Gothic Belly Dancer *
* *
*Karina Khan is an award- winning world fusion bellydancer who performs and teaches throughout the Northeast. She is known for her creative, technical, and emotive performances infused with ballet, flamenco, Indian classical, and of gothic dancing. Having formerly been a member of the groundbreaking troupe Lotus Moon World Fusion Bellydance, co- founder and teacher at Lotus Rising World Dance Studio in seacoast New Hampshire, she is now living and pursuing her solo career in Boston. *

*Dan Moran *
*B&W Horror / Dark Fantasy Art *
* / *
*Dan Moran is a self-taught artist whose work often explores the dark, the strange, and the horrific. He specializes in black and white drawings and most often uses ball-point pen. His dark-themed works have appeared in print in magazines such as Cthulhu Sex and Theatre of Decay and in online magazines and galleries such as Horrotica, The World of Myth, and Strange Horizons. His work has also appeared on the CDs and T-shirts of metal bands such as Nocturnal Vomit and Putrefied Genitalia. Dan is a lifelong fan of horror films and of the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, and he spent a decade working in a haunted house, bringing fear to untold thousands. Dan is also a published author of erotic adult fiction appearing in print magazines such as Swank, and in book form from
At Mass. Morgue 2008, Dan will be selling reproductions of his black and white artwork. *

*Adrianne Brennan *
*Romantic Dark Fantasy/Sci-Fi *
*Adrianne Brennan stumbled upon her love of writing at the tender age of ten when she was given a creative writing assignment for her science class. The end result was a brief science fiction comedy featuring numerous puns regarding vegetables. Once the writing bug bit, it bit pretty hard, and from the age of 14 onwards she began working on a lengthy fantasy novel. The novel is still a work in progress as she continues to focus on her other works <>, including the Dark Moon series and her recently published work, Blood of the Dark Moon, <>featuring vampires, magick, secret societies, and romance. An avid reader, Adrianne has been most influenced by various science fiction and fantasy authors including Madeleine L’Engle, Roger Zelazny, Laurell K. Hamilton, Neil Gaiman, and Alan Moore. “Adrianne’s works were previously published through Aphrodite’s
Apples Press <>and are now contracted
through Freya’s Bower. She is a member of the Romance Writer’s of
EPIC <>, and the Midnight Seductions Authors group <>. Adrianne will be selling
CDs of Blood of the Dark Moon <>at Mass. Morgue 2008.*

~ “Where love and magic meet” ~
Read about Blood of the Dark Moon, top five finalist in P&E for Best Horror:


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