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Secrets. Everyone has them, but the decision to keep some affairs concealed can be harmful…
Victoria Padden, ex-socialite and retired party girl, believes her life, her career and comfortable all-be-it boring relationship with David Lloyd, is fine just the way it is. Landscaping business owner, Geoff McKenzie, is fascinated with Victoria, but past failed relationships haunt him and make him wonder if he can find true happiness with her. Despite their better judgments and attempt to just be friends, desire flares between them. Someone though doesn’t want them to be together and threatens Victoria. Figuring the authorities won’t be able to help, she keeps this information to herself and from everyone else. She realizes holding this particular secret in check is a big mistake, and by the time she decides to come clean, it may be too late.

~ R rated excerpt ~
Man, his unclothed body would be a wonder to behold. With a start, she mentally shook off the gush of feminine awareness running rampant in her body. Her focus settled on the red rose he wore on his right lapel. Forget that McKenzie guy. Surely God meant for me to bid on this hunk. Otherwise, He wouldn’t have seen fit to put the man of her dreams before her. While watching him hold up his large masculine hands, she cautiously tried to grab the marker from Sally.

Her friend’s hand and marker weren’t there.
Tori’s hand snapped back as if she had touched a hot stove. She looked down at her empty extremity in astonishment, then back at the man on stage. His eyes, sparkling from the stage lights, met hers. Lost in their warm depths, the auctioneer’s voice faded away, and the loud drumming of her heart drowned out the women’s bids.

The in and out movements of his arms as he appeared to ask the women to pick him beckoned to her. In her mind, he begged her to join him, and so help her, she wanted to. She wanted those large strong hands on her, to touch her in places lovers touch. She wanted to know the man behind those wonderful eyes, wanted to know him thoroughly. A heated wave of desire coursed through her. Moisture settled at the juncture of her thighs. She shifted in her seat. For the first time in her life, she understood what the phrase to fall in love at first sight meant.

As if hearing her thoughts, an expression of knowing flashed in his eyes and his face creased into a devilish smile. He winked at her, then sauntered off the stage. She stared at his retreating form in shock.

Love? Not possible. The idea went against all logic to be able to fall love with someone so quickly. But if the feeling wasn’t love, then what? What else could make a person’s body ignite like it was on fire, cause a heart to speed recklessly, to become breathless?

“C.R. Moss has an incredible ability to bring scenes alive and making the reader connect with each character on multiple levels.” ~ Kristy Bock, PNR Reviews

C.R. Moss
~ Worlds of Possibilities ~


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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