PG-13 BOOK Excerpt: Continuing Education from Phaze Fantasies VI

Phaze Fantasies VI

By: Jude Mason, Yvette Hines, Jessie Verino, N, Augusta Li, D. Musgrave
Anthology, Contemporary, Fantasy

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Continuing Education Blurb

By day, Stephanie Barrett is a high school English Teacher. By night, she’s the Grand Mistress of a dungeon club, without a submissive to call her own. When she spots Nicolas Adamson, back in town from college, she remembers the strong feelings she had for him, but never acted on. A plan forms in her mind, to lure him into her lair. Thus begins the realization of her longest held fantasy–to find a submissive of her own.


Stephanie pulled to a stop at the flashing red street light. It was the only traffic light in town and was the hub of activity for Birch Grove. She loved the feeling of connectedness, living in a small town. The only real drawback was the limited choices that Birch Grove provided not only in shopping, but in companionship. Still, it was more relaxed, more comfortable, than her years in Chicago. It also helped that the number of students in her English classes were smaller. She had more time to spend with each student and could make a larger impact on the kid’s lives.

Driving through the intersection, she glanced in her rear-view mirror. What she saw nearly caused her to veer into the parallel parked cars lining the street. Steering back into her lane, she glanced in the mirror again. This time she was sure. There was only one car like that in the area Nicolas Adamson’s.

Nicolas was the most talented student she’d ever had. Despite his rough edges and boyish reluctance to let his friends see his writing abilities, she saw through his insecure machismo. She’d managed to break through his façade and helped him flourish as a senior in high school. His talent had earned him a full scholarship to St. Louis University, based solely on his writing portfolio.

It’d been four years since she’d seen the black 1970 Chevelle. In that time, Stephanie had managed to convince herself that her attraction to Nicolas Adamson was purely academic. Seeing that hot rod in her mirror brought back all those fantasies she’d pushed away. She couldn’t see his face through the glare on his windshield. Still, she imagined how he must have changed in the time he’d been away at college.

Repeatedly glancing from the road to her mirror, she felt the familiar tingle between her legs. It made her thighs shake and nearly caused her to mash the gas pedal to the floor. Never once had thoughts of any other man produced such an effect. There had been men, for sure. Many who were willing to give up everything for her. She always came to the same conclusion if she didn’t feel it, it wasn’t going to last.

Another intersection came up and Stephanie slowed to a stop. There was no cross-traffic, but she didn’t drive through. She knew that once she did, Nicolas would turn to the right and disappear. The ring tone of her cell phone made her jump. She pressed the answer button.

“Steph? Where are you?” It was her best friend, Eva. “I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes.”

“Sorry,” she stammered. “I’ll be there soon. I got distracted.” With a sigh, she drove through the intersection. She stared in the mirror, barely hearing Eva’s rant.

“We only have a few hours before the party. I know you want everything to be perfect.”

Stephanie curtly replied, “I said I’d be there soon.” She cut the connection. Driving away slowly, She watched Nicolas’ car. It stayed at the intersection longer than she expected. She mentally willed him to follow her. He didn’t. The black Chevelle turned right. She saw him looking at her through the driver’s side window, then disappeared behind a hedge row.

Sighing, she looked back to the road. Focus, she told herself. Hosting the monthly Black Forest Dungeon club party was a huge deal and she had a ton of things left to do.

The rest of the drive house in the country was a blur. It was all she could do to keep from constantly checking her rearview mirror. All the fantasies she’d managed to suppress, came flooding back. One above all else was the most jarring Nicolas dressed in nothing but a leather harness, his face buried in her crotch.

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