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Here at we offer paid book adverts  in  order to  help you gain more exposure for your book to potential buyers.

We currently offer one simple package which  consists of the following:

  1. 1 x Book cover advert  (160 x 240)
  2.  1 x ” Buy now” Universal link (this will take  the potential buyer directly to their own country’s Amazon website straight away).  If your book is not available on Amazon, don’t worry, we can still link directly to your book on your publisher’s site.
  3. 60 tweets (5 individual tweets posted at least 60 times) to help promote your book
  4. I will also add your book to  my Goodreads page, on my shelves, for even more exposure!

Price?  Just  £25.00 per  1 month. (31 days regardless of whether it’s a short or a long month).

Discounts are available for  longer periods of time/more books.

If you are interested, or have any queries, please get in touch by filling the form out below.   Thank you.

Thanks for your  consideration.  Looking forward to tweeting for you!

Kind regards,


P.S. Why chose me to help promote your work?

I am a HUGE book fan, and love promoting on Twitter.  Currently I have around 10k+ followers @Sassy_Brit, and  that’s rapidly growing.  Plus, all my tweets are syndicated and end up in far more places than just Twitter.  I cannot promise increased sales, but I definitely will be helping to increase your book’s reach, and provide far more  Twitter ‘impressions’ than you would do alone.

P.P. S. What do I get out of this?

I just love promoting authors. I’m passionate about reading, and I talk books non-stop. Seriously, I’m a book nut and should probably seek help. Promoting you keeps  me calm,  is probably  more fun for me to do for you than for you to do yourself, and of course you’re left with more time to actually do what  you are good at and write!

These book  adverts, and my PA/VA services. are the only  things I ask for payment for.

All my other features are free, and will remain  free at all times.  Please see below. 

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Free Book Promo: The  “What’s on my  desk, Wednesday?” author spotlight.  Find out more, What's on your desk, Wednesday?  ( how to play ) and submit your  desk photo and writing routine via this form here.

Free Book Promo: I  also provide the way to submit your book cover, excerpt, buy now links via this simple form here.   Share your book excerpts/blurbs free,  now!