Our #AltRead “Alternative” Book Cover Award!


Welcome to the ‘revived’ Alternative-Read “Sassy Brit Book Cover Award”.

Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us do judge a book by its cover. So do come and join us each month, as we ask authors to put forward a cover they truly believe deserves a prize for the most innovative, artistic design.

Anyone can join in with the fun and vote for the book(s) you like by going to the poll and selecting your choices.  You can vote for more than one.

At the beginning of each month (with the exception of Jan 2020) the book covers will all be posted and the poll will go up! The poll will close the day before the last day of the month, so the closing date will vary slightly.

The Prize

The cover with the most votes will win the author a spotlight cover ad ($10 worth) for a whole month and a winner’s badge to place proudly on their website or other promotions. The winner will also win a place in the grand final next year, in which we will be voting on the book cover of the year!

We are very excited to bring this feature to you and do hope you’ll enjoy it! We feel it is a great way to celebrate the artists who are a major part of an author’s sales. Talent should truly be awarded.

Sassy Brit
Owner, Reviewer, Author Assistant

Competition Entry Rules:

You must follow this blog! 😉

Only authors may submit their book covers.

One book cover per author, per month, please.

Please send a high-res copy of your book cover’s front page, not the whole front and back cover spread.

Do not send any of those fabulous moving book covers. They are gorgeous, but they have an unfair advantage!

Any book covers not used in one month, will be put into the next month’s competition.

We’re sorry, but there is no way we can do a separate book cover award for anthologies.

Any book covers designed by Sassy will not be eligible to be entered. Sorry, but we think it would be a conflict of interests to do so, and may look a trifle unfair.

Due to the amount of book cover entries we receive if you miss out any of the information we require your entry may be disqualified. So, please do check you have provided everything we need. |Form below.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

How To Enter Your Book Cover

If you would like to nominate your book cover for this award, please fill in this Google form, thank you.  Any form problems, or queries? Just us know.

Please follow this blog. Thank you!


Book Cover Award Nominees

January 2020 Nominees  | Winner TBA


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