OOK EXCERPT: "Seven Erotic Tales" – A collection of erotic short stories by Jessica Jane Roberts.

“Seven Erotic Tales” is a collection of erotic short stories by Jessica Jane Roberts.

A collection of seven erotic stories. Read about Amy, the GCSE student who gets a helping hand labelling her biology diagram in science class. A ghostly woman wants to make love to her husband one last time, but the only physical body available for her to inhabit is that of her 17 year old daughter. And what does a bored supermarket checkout girl do on the late shift, when all she has to hand is a cucumber …? This book contains sexually explicit language, and is intended for adults only. All characters are over 16 years of age, the age of consent in the United Kingdom, where this book is published.

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“I’m struggling a bit,” Amy said nervously. At her age she knew she should be more knowledgeable about her own body. They covered this kind of thing in the first year, and she was now revising for her GCSE exams. She looked back at the two diagrams of the female reproductive system. The one in the book was covered with so many lines and labels, that it was almost impossible to make out the actual parts themselves. The picture on her sheet, though, only had about five items to label.
“It does look a little complicated, doesn’t it?” Miss Wilson agreed. “Tell you what, come over to my desk with me, and I’ll give you a hand.”

Amy followed the teacher back to her desk, and sat down on the small stool. Miss Wilson sat down on the teacher’s stool next to her.
“Pull your chair in a bit closer,” she said, as she picked up the red pen she had been using for marking, and pushed away the open exercise book that was still in front of her. Amy did as she was instructed, as her teacher pulled the textbook and the worksheet closer so they could both read it.
“It may seem a little complicated at first,” Miss Wilson continued. The schoolgirl was so intent on the part of the diagram that her teacher was indicating, that she hardly noticed the cool hand that was suddenly placed on her leg just below the hem of her skirt. “But it really isn’t that difficult to understand.” As she continued speaking, the supply teacher slowly moved her hand up Amy’s leg, then under her skirt. Amy swallowed nervously, but didn’t do or say anything. She just kept her eyes on the papers on the teacher’s desk. The desk obscured the view for the rest of the class, so they had no idea what was going on. Miss Wilson continued to speak as her hand slipped under the edge of the girl’s knickers. Her gaze, however, remained on the two diagrams on the table.

“This is your vulva,” Miss Wilson began, as she ran two fingers along the length of Amy’s outer lips. Amy shuddered at the sensation as the older woman’s fingers caressed her vagina. “Are you going to label it?” The teacher looked down into Amy’s eyes and smiled. Amy nodded and picked up her pen from the table. As she began to write, the fingers made a final journey up the length of her slit, and came to rest at the top. “Your clitoris is here,” Miss Wilson continued, as she began to explore the area. Amy was getting quite wet by now, and it wasn’t difficult to expose the precious pearl. The girl, who was only half way through writing the word ‘vulva’, dropped her pen as her clit emerged from its hood, and was gentle grazed by the nails of her teacher’s probing fingers. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply, biting her lip to prevent a louder moan from escaping. “Come on, Amy. Your falling behind with your labels,” the teacher whispered, softly. “I’ll hang
on while you catch up,” and the fingers began to rub and press on the hard nipple at the top of Amy’s vagina. The girl picked up her pen and tried to write, as she struggled to control her breathing. She finished ‘vulva’ and moved her pen up the diagram to the next empty space.
“H-h-how do you s-s-spell it?” She managed to stammer.
“Spell what, dear?” the teacher asked, although it was obvious which part Amy was waiting to label.
“C-c-clit-or-is.” Amy arched her back and tipped back her head slightly as Miss Wilson continued her stimulation. Then she began to copy the word down, a letter at a time as the teacher dictated it to her.

J. J. Roberts



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