ONE MILLION PROJECT ~ Raising Funds For Charity Through The Power Of Words #DarkInkPress


Today is the start of a fun FACEBOOK CHARITY EVENT and you’re ALL WELCOME to join in with the fun and games!

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Here’s the Skinny on What’s Happening:

Three epic anthologies! Thriller. Fiction. Fantasy. 120 authors!
We’re launching these collections for the readers and for a cause. OMP, creators of these anthologies, will be using these anthologies to support cancer research UK and EMMAUS, an International Homeless Charity. If you love to read support these authors and by doing so support a good cause as well.


Featuring author takeovers with MANY prizes.
Authors appearing-
10am-11pm US Central time 4pm-5pm UK time.
Kate McGinn – Author. USA. Fiction Anthology.
11-12pm US Central time 5-6pm UK time –
Jason Greenfield – UK. Fantasy Anthology, Fiction Anthology, Thriller Anthology 
Claudia AClaudia Murray, UK
Arthur Dunham ( Online as Art Diminski) UK
12md-1pm US Central time – 6pm-7pm UK time –
S Cinders – US. Fantasy Anthology. 
1-2pm US Central time–-7-8pm UK time-
Wendy Jones Jones. UK. Thriller Anthology.
2-3pm US Central 8-9pm 
UK Cassy DenHartog- Host. 
2.2.30pm 8.30pm -9
Jason Cook, UK and Dawn Barton, UK
3-4pm US Central time 9pm -10pm UK time. –
Steven Steven J Pemberton, UK. Fantasy Anthology. Sheena Helen Macleod, UK. Fiction Anthology. 
4-5pm US Central – 10-11pm UK
Adrian Hilder UK. Fantasy Anthology 
Free- 5pm-6pm US Central time – Cassandra Cassy DenHartog- Host
6pm-7pm US Central time
7pm-8pm US Central time
Alicia Strazza Britton 
8-9pm pm US Central time – Michelle Bugante

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One Million Project Fiction Anthology: 40 fabulous short tales compiled by Jason Greenfield

by Various (Editor)Sue Hart (Editor)K.V. Wilson (Goodreads Author) (Editor)
it was amazing 5.0  ·   Rating details ·  Ratings  ·  Review

A fabulous short story collection by 40 authors from around the world, who have come together to raise money in the fight against cancer and homelessness.

All OMP proceeds will go to cancer research and to homeless charities.

Help us to raise a little sunshine in the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves through the power of words.


Kindle Edition, 452 pages
Published February 20th 2018 by OMP Publishing


From everyone involved, thank you for your support!

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