Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology by @WolfPackAuthors ~All proceeds go to @LARCwolves for their #Wolves & #Warriors Programme. #Friday56: with #WolfPackAuthors #FollowFriday #FridayFeeling #Friyay! #TGIF! @fredasphotos @GilionDumas

Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology - Book Beginning
With Gilion Dumas of RoseCityReader @GilionDumas
With Gilion Dumas of RoseCityReader @GilionDumas
With Fredasvoice and @fredasphotos#Friday56
With Fredasvoice and @fredasphotos #Friday56

This week’s Book Beginning and Friday56 choice is…

Once Upon A Wolfpack Anthology

🐺Book Beginnings


Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology - Book Foreword
Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology – Book Foreword
Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology - Book Beginning
Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology – Book Beginning




Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology Friday56
Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology Friday56

First thoughts


I love how this group of authors calling themselves #WolfPackAuthors giving away all the proceeds of this book  to for their & Programme. That’s such an AWESOME THING TO DO!  I could of got this for free to review, but I’m a sucker for dogs and wolves and, well, veterans too! lol I just HAD to buy it. So far, I’ve read a couple of stories and in the vein of Maccy Dees “I’m Loving it!”

I am also really pleased to see that Z Gottlieb is part of this – and her short story includes the same characters from her first book Connor’s Gambit. I love it when that happens!

Wolf Cry by Z. Gottleib - one of the short stories in this fun wolfy collection!
Wolf Cry by Z. Gottlieb – one of the short stories in this fun wolfy collection!



Book blurb | Alternative-Read.com

Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology
Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology

🐺Once Upon a WolfPack: A #WolfPackAuthors Anthology 

The idea was simple: form a group of authors based on the mantra, “Do good things for the right reasons.” We are a pack – #WolfPackAuthors. Together, we expand exposure for our books, help one another with all aspects of the process, pick each other up when the lonely life of writing gets us down.

As with wolves, words can be dangerous or healing. The reintroduction of the wolf, hunted to the brink of extinction, carries such far-reaching results as to make vegetation grow on what was once barren, and to change the paths of rivers. Considering these powerful facts, we chose to donate the proceeds of this anthology to Lockwood Animal Rescue Center /LARC, a facility with a unique mission. They are one of the few organizations focused heavily on wolves, integrating military veteran rehabilitation into the caretaking process.

In this collection of work, you will find a showcase of many of our members’ talents: A young girl betrothed to a werewolf, yet her father, a human, is the true monster. Two snipers who lay in wait, an otherworldly supreme being watching them, in the form of a majestic wolf. A she-wolf sets her sights on a young woman, married to the man she loved. The paradoxical story of the big bad wolf, who through no fault of his own sets out on a calamity filled adventure. A batch of witty private investigators at work solving crime. A sarcastic banshee, a shapeshifting detective, and a vampire, all friends, investigate a string of murders. There are many others, varied in style or genre.

Come on an adventure with the WolfPackAuthors. We’ve got the stories you want; together, we hope to make the world a better place for wolves, humans, and those who dare to dream.

Cozy Mystery – Yuletime at Cherrywood Hall: Veronica Cline Barton
Fairy Tale/ Parody – Unfairy Prosecuted: J.W. Crawford
Fairy Tale – Poppy: Tia Fanning
Fantasy/ Supernatural – For the Love of the Pack: Sharon Lopez
Horror/ Meta horror – The Untold One: B.L. Clark
Horror – Frost Harbor: Alexander Pain
Literary – Omega Road: Lee M. Tipton
Magical Realism – An Early Snow: Andi Marchal
P.I./ Detective – The Wolf: Joe Congel
P.I./ Detective, Cozy Mystery – Mrs Solberg’s Problem: CW Hawes
Poetry – Wolf Pack United: Angie-Marie Delsante
Poetry – Welcome to the Den: Lori Katherine
Romance/ Supernatural – The Soap Maker’s Mother: Christina van Deventer
Science Fiction/ Military – Sacha: Jeff DeMarco
Science Fiction/ Paranormal – Wolf Cry: Z Gottlieb
Science Fiction/ Paranormal – Circus of the Night: Stefan Angelina McElvain
Urban Fantasy – True Nature : Luna Selas


Would you read further? What are you currently reading?

I can’t wait to visit your blogs to find out. Have a great weekend, may your books be with you!

Luv Sassy  X


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15 thoughts on “Once Upon A WolfPack Anthology by @WolfPackAuthors ~All proceeds go to @LARCwolves for their #Wolves & #Warriors Programme. #Friday56: with #WolfPackAuthors #FollowFriday #FridayFeeling #Friyay! #TGIF! @fredasphotos @GilionDumas

      1. Thanks Louise! Yes, I think it’s awesome what this group of talented authors are doing. 🙂

  1. I love these kinds of anthologies! And the fact that they’re giving back to such a great charity makes me want to get this book even more! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    1. Exactly! The book is pretty hefty too, so it’s definitely value for money if you get the paperback version. 😀

    1. That’s brilliant news!
      I’m popping over to yours now, I cannot wait to see what you think about your book!! 🙂 Thank you for visiting 🙂

  2. I have always loved wolves. This is the first I have heard of this, but I am definitely interested. Not only does it sounds like a collection of great stories, but also for a good cause. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

    1. Fabulous news! I totally agree, it is a great collection written by some very kind-hearted writers, who deserve their wonderful cause to be supported! 😀

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