(Oct 6th) #BlogHop4Writers: What’s your take on that scary word – "THEME"?

Welcome to the BlogHop4Writers! Here’s this Thursday’s blog hop question:

Thursday, Oct 6th:
QUESTION: Theme is a scary word for most writers. What is your take? Question provided by author: Katrina Nicola 


Blurb: What happens when you meet someone who awakens a sexual craving you didn’t know existed? 

She met him in a chat room. There was no pretense in his arrogant intentions but for some reason she was intrigued. SilverRain197 leads Tess down a blurry path of sexual fantasy, erotic pleasure and all of the possibilities she never dared imagine. Tess loses herself in his fantasy world, and he becomes addicted to her. When SilverRain decides to reveal himself to Tess, will she embraced the man behind the words or run in fear of her own desires.

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