Oct 2011 Book Cover Award Entry #9 : The Good Luck Knot | Designed by Melissa Field

October 2011 Book Cover Entry #9
Book Title: The Good Luck Knot
Author Name: Melissa Field
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Book Cover Designer Name: Melissa Field

Book Blurb: 
Jordan frightens those closest to her when she announces she’s taking a job in Antarctica. It isn’t the destination that worries them. It’s Jordan, and what she’ll do when she’s alone and far away. It’s been over a year since she hit rock bottom and ended up getting her stomach pumped. Her recovery since then has been rocky, and now she’s running away from the people trying to support her. It doesn’t take long for Jordan to realize her problems followed her. After Antarctica she seeks redemption in Bali, Alaska, and Mongolia. Despite the amazing places in the world she’s seeing, her best attempts to change herself are failing. She cannot shake her desire to drink or her need for love and approval. After sailing across the Mediterranean with a retired old man, she realizes she can’t run any longer. She must return home and confront the past that drove her into her dark spiral.

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