Now Open for Writers and Readers!!! (promo)

I’ve been looking for places to branch out beyond the Yahoo Groups for

my work, but I really don’t have time for several groups or forums;
however, I wanted something where writers and readers could come
together as an arts community.


Z’s Romance, Magic and Suspense Community for Writers and Readers!

This new community allows me to have a board where I can promote my work, but there is also a seperate promo board for writers, a section where readers who don’t write can chat with me and other writers about whatever latest title h/she has has read, a board where anyone can go in and bitch about all the laundry she did that day or the latest crap his boss pulled on him that workday… And, there’s even a board called the Writers Cauldron where recipes can be swapped, tips are given to those who love scrapbooking, or say you’ve figured out an easy, inexpensive way to bind your own books and want to share the info.

Plus, there is a critique board for short stories, short excerpts, or a
paragraph that may be giving you trouble and even novellas/novels if posted in chapter increments.

Also, the pages aren’t quite finished yet, but you can apply for
membership now. Membership is free, but must be approved. You can sign up now, and when the last design details and rules are in place at the site, memberships will be approved.

Upon approval, PLEASE READ THE RULES OF EACH BOARD. This will ensure a harmonious atmosphere.

Z’s Community for Writers and Readers!

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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