Nov 2011 Book Cover Award Entry #9: Death by Cupcake | Designed by Melanie Ray

November 2011 Book Cover Entry #9
Book Title: Death by Cupcake
Author Name: Melanie Ray

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Book Cover Designer Name: Melanie Ray

Book Blurb: 
Meddling boyfriend, being a sidekick on the weekdays, forced into marrying one of three guys, and sweets are her biggest enemy. Yep, just another day in Lost Secret. The rose-colored sweet life of Lost Secret is in danger, when Shari’s hit grows more important. Is there something else to this bet more than even she knows? When the whole truth is exposed to Zeke, he begrudgingly has to agree with Timothy, and turns against everything he did for Shari, making her reconsider her choices. In order to save her, Zeke will have no choice but to face the one thing he never wanted to do:

Find out about the parents of Lost Secret.


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