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Please welcome CLAYTON BYE, our newest Alternative-Read Reviewer.

He is also an author. Below are some details about two of his books.

The first book is The Contrary Canadian, an Anthology of approximately 50 articles I wrote for private customers. These articles are both entertaining and inspirational. Each one is headed by a photograph on which the article is based. Many of the photographs chronicle my journey’s around Canada, as well as the development of my philosophy of personal achievement.

The Contrary Canadian: (ISBN 9780973993356)
2008, Collection/Motivational, 164 pgs, paperback, full colour, $19.95
CAN, $14.24 US
Canada like you’ve never seen it. This collection of articles is sure to entertain and inspire.

The second book is Bare Knuckle MBA, an exclusive new product that contains everything you really need to know about business. It’s a stripped down paper warrior any company can use to improve profitability in a healthy and sustainable way.

Bare Knuckle MBA: (ISBN 9780973993394 ) 2008, Business Text Book, 223 pgs, Hardcover (5 ½ x 81/2), $120.00 CAN,
$85.68 US
Everything you need to know about running a profitable business.

Your customers may purchase this book directly from my website ( PayPal store, selecting the 20% discount option. Or they can order via email ( and I’ll still honour the 20% discount. This discount should more than offset my standard shipping charges.

Any member may feel free to contact me with their questions at the email address mentioned above.

Clayton Bye


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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