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Title – Dance of Seduction
Author – Capri Montgomery
Release Date – August 31, 2007
Cover Artist – Missy Sue Hanson
Genre – Contemporary
Heat Level – Erotic
Word Count – 4,500
Price – $1.99

Lizzy is a legend on the dance circuit, but when it comes to socializing with the upper class elite, she soon finds out that if she’s going to Tango with the rich, she better have a strong partner.

Beck is looking to impress his girlfriend with his new dancing ability. In the process of learning a step by step routine with his sexy instructor, Beck finds that dancing and seduction go hand in hand. He’s falling in love with Lizzy and suddenly, marrying a woman for the benefit of his family’s social status just doesn’t seem as important as marrying for love.
Will Lizzy and Beck’s dance floor seduction lead to happily ever after? Or will Beck cave to his family’s wishes and marry for money?


Why did you start giving private instructions?” Beck pulled Lizzy into his arms.
She fit so perfectly. He had a hard time reminding himself that she was in this for the money. He wasn’t free to take her anyway. She pushed away just enough to give herself some space.
“Framing,” she admonished before continuing. “I needed the money during college. I was trying to pay for grad school, but I had to drop out of the program and this just seemed right.” She looked at his posture. “Chin up.”
He did as she said. “You don’t have any regrets?”
Sure she had regrets. She regretted not getting her doctorate in art studies, she regretted not making time for dating while she was still considered young and viable, and she regretted wanting a man that she couldn’t have. She had loads of regrets, but instead she smiled and said, “One door closes and another one opens.”

Title – Dangerous to Know
Author – Anne Sole
Release Date – August 31, 2007
Cover Artist – Missy Sue Hanson
Genre – Contemporary
Heat Level – Sensual
Word Count – 70,828
Price – $5.50

Mike Wendell lives on the knife-edge. He knows his world is dangerous and he wants to keep Karin out of it, because once before he lost the woman he loved, but she is determined to find her missing sister – and she is falling in love. Drawn
together by a burning need and desire that won’t be denied, they are plunged into a web of intrigue. Caught up in a world of spying, art theft and ruthless criminals, can they solve the mystery and find a new life together?


“My sister has been missing for more than three weeks now. I think someone must have killed her. What I want to know is what you intend to do about it?”
The girl wasn’t particularly tall, but what she lacked in inches, she made up for in spirit. Eyes that were normally a soft grey flashed fire, as she pushed her long, straight hair back from her forehead.
“I’m sorry, ma’am. We have her listed as missing since her husband reported her missing just over a week ago – but I don’t have much hope of finding her. People go off on their own for a variety of reasons, and I very much doubt that she has been murdered…” The American police officer gave the young English girl a harassed look. “If a body turns up we’ll let you know…”

Title – Send Me An Angel
Author – Alysha Ellis
Release Date – August 31, 2007
Cover Artist – Missy Sue Hanson
Genre – Fantasy
Heat Level – Erotic
Word Count – 18,459
Price – $3.50

When an angel falls to earth to find out about sex, there’s a lot to learn – especially for someone who doesn’t even recognize an erection when he gets one.
Ellie is more than willing to be her angel’s tutor – and Peter is a very fast learner.
The lessons learnt end up being about more than sex, and it is Ellie who becomes the pupil.


She clapped a hand over wayward mouth. What was she thinking? How could the sight of one man, no matter how outstandingly, amazingly gorgeous he was, so completely
scramble her normally no-nonsense, decisive brain?
The man raised himself onto one knee. His forearm was draped across his other thigh. Ellie’s no-nonsense brain went into shock. To get from the sight of that one knee, to the opposite thigh, her eyes had to take a long, scenic journey. And in the middle of that journey, she stopped. And stared. And smiled.
Tie it up with a big red bow, because that package was hers. Can we all sing, Happy Birthday to Ellie?

Title – The Concubine of the Temple
Author – Nyki Blatchley
Release Date – August 31, 2007
Cover Artist – Missy Sue Hanson
Genre – Fantasy
Heat Level – Erotic
Word Count – 11,528
Price – $2.50

The sacred concubines of Anrak live secluded in their temple, knowing only female company, although it’s many generations since the god came down and took a human
lover. Mellia has spent all eighteen years of her life knowing nothing else and, following the custom of the temple, revels in pleasure with her fellow-concubine and lover, Zefra. When Zefra is falsely accused of murder, Mellia confesses to the
killing to save her lover from punishment.

Now she finds a side of the temple she never suspected: dungeons far below, where the older priestesses take pleasure in subjecting their victims to sadistic torture and humiliation, forcing her to pleasure them while she’s bound and
abused. Mellia must endure this to save her lover from sharing the punishment, but her tormenters have one more horror that she’s never dreamt of – her first ever encounter with a man.


Before she had a chance to anticipate, Varda punched her hard in her stomach, and Mellia doubled up, momentarily stunned by the sudden pain. “Yes, mistress,” the woman hissed. “You’ll address both of us as mistress. Do you understand?”
“Yes… mistress,” Mellia managed to gasp through the pain.
“You’ll do whatever you’re instructed to,” said Jennica, “and you’ll do everything in your power to please. Whatever is done to you, you’ll thank us.”
“Yes, mistress.” Mellia couldn’t understand what was going on, and her mind was racing. Whatever was going to be done to her, she had the impression that the two priestesses were well used to it. Yet she could remember no-one ever being taken away, and no-one had ever spoken of being brought here.

Title – Lust and Darkness
Author – Countess Celina
Release Date – August 31, 2007
Cover Artist – Missy Sue Hanson
Genre – Horror
Heat Level – Intense
Word Count – 22,557
Price – $3.50

Lust and Darkness is 11 tales of unbridled passion to intrude upon your mind and fill its membranes with dark tales of seduction. Feel the ecstasy of unbridled pleasure, taste the bittersweet flavor of carnal lust. Dare to enter this kingdom
of wickedness, dare to inhale the essence of its heroines, and hero’s. Remember to leave your inhibitions at the door, or you may become lost in a world of sexual desires.


I lay next to him panting, he looked confused, taking his member in my hand I ended his confusion. Delicately, fingers traced its outline and then stroked its whole being. I kissed the tip of his manhood and then took him wholly in my mouth.

He wiggled, sliding on the satin sheets beneath him. I heard him beg for more, heard him ask me to relinquish my position. I obliged, my whole body shuddered under his mounting, legs wrapped around him I pulled him deeper into a sexual web of desire.

Title – On Death’s Wings
Author – Auburnimp
Release Date – August 31, 2007
Cover Artist – Jet Mykles/Missy Sue Hanson
Genre – YAOI
Heat Level – Erotic
Word Count – 11,830
Price – $2.50

Samael, Fallen Angel with the power of life and death discovers a young junkie being beaten in an alleyway. Ever the impulsive creature, he rescues the Daniel from his pimp. From that moment Samael’s life changes. But is it for the better or worse?
Daniel, addict and whore, knows his former ’employers’ will come searching for him. What he’s not suspecting is how useful being befriended by the Angel of Death
will be.
Can Samael forget his former lover, the Angel Raphael while in the arms of a mere mortal? And what of Daniel, can he accept Samael for what he is?


Light flooded the room from the doorway and a tall figure was outlined against it for a moment before the door was shut again and the figure was moving forward towards the bed.
“Samael? Is that you?”
A sharp humorless laugh. “Who else were you expecting, boy?”
He sat up quickly and backed up until his spine hit the headboard. “What do you want?”
“The same as you. Comfort and forgetfulness.”

Title – The Pleasure in Reading
Author – Bonnie Clarke
Release Date – August 31, 2007
Cover Artist – Missy Sue Hanson
Genre – Contemporary
Heat Level – Erotic
Word Count – 3,123
Price – $1.50

Nina is a good girl with a naughty book. Never in her right mind would she consider having sex with a stranger, and yet, the lusty, appreciative gaze of a man seated across from her makes her second guess that thought.
The sexual tension sizzles between them, and the bold way the stranger speaks has her imagining the graphic contents in the novel, and she wants the written word to become reality. A wicked reality where two strangers find naked comfort… in a
public place.


“Does the idea of sucking a stranger’s cock turn you on?” he asked, raising an eyebrow in question. “
Nina’s heart began to pound. It felt as though her t-shirt would rip apart fron the tightness in her chest. She shook her head, wondering where the thought had come from. So, she focuded on his shaved head…
Bad move.
New images of his head between her thighs formed in her flustered mind. She exhaled deeply.
Would his head be smooth to touch, or feel like rough sandpaper…?
What an erotic sensation that would be.

Title – Virgin Voyeur
Author – T. G. Darcy
Release Date – August 31, 2007
Cover Artist – Missy Sue Hanson
Genre – Lesbian/Contemporary
Heat Level – Erotic
Word Count – 4,259
Price – $1.99

Julie finds herself trapped in a compromising position, an unwilling witness to her girlfriend’s initiation of another woman’s first foray into lesbian sex. But as she watches she realizes her own hidden desires and the excitement when she
realizes they may be fulfilled.


I shouldn’t be watching this, Julie told herself, unable to tear her eyes away.
But it was too late to announce herself, she rationalized, also realizing the stakes had increased to monumental proportions should she now be discovered.
Amy was kissing Lisa’s throat and Julie could see Lisa bend her head back and let out a ragged sigh of pleasure. She also saw Lisa begin to fumble with the buttons on Amy’s blouse and as she opened them, Julie strained to see Amy’s breasts as they were slowly uncovered.
Licking her lips, she realized she wished she could kiss them herself. Where did that come from?
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