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July, 2009
ISBN 978-1-60659-171-0
Straight Up
by Missy Lyons
Phaze Books
Price $2.00
The ladies of Vegas share their dirty little secrets in this short but hot collection. This “oral” history explores the intimacies of sex behind closed doors…and on stage.


Straight Up by Missy Lyons
“First night, honey?” The Las Vegas nightclub had over three hundred strippers, but even with all the unfamiliar faces, newbies were never difficult to spot. Sarah, known as Spice to her customers, took on her role as a house mom quite seriously. Ensuring these new girls felt comfortable in their new jobs, she wanted to help them advance their career as far as they wanted to.

“Yeah.” This one wasn’t much different. She was pretty enough to be a night girl where the real money was made. The not so pretty girls always worked day shift. Johnny the operations manager, made the girls apply by taking off their shirt and showing him their goods. He was pretty strict, not allowing anyone with stretch marks, or saggy boobs on nights. Occasionally, he allowed an exception for the girls that bribed him with a blowjob or something better. This girl didn’t have to do any bribing.

She was Asian, and her body was slim. One might even think of it as ethereal. Fairylike. Her chest was perky, if small. She couldn’t be much larger than an A cup. She had a tasteful red cotton lingerie set of hipster underwear and matching bra on, like something you could buy straight out of a JC Penney’s catalog. Cute in a girl next door kind of way. Nothing like the more revealing outfits of the more seasoned girls. Most of the girls bought their outfits from places that catered to them. Hustler and Frederick’s of Hollywood had some great outfits.
Even this girl’s shoes were a tell tale sign that she was an inexperienced stripper. They were asked to wear heels as part of their uniform. Her heels were normal, barely an inch, and something you would wear on the street. Not the bulky platform heels that most the girls wore. Shoes were the one thing worn all night long, so it was the clothing item the girls splurged on. You needed comfort and sexy all in one cute little package.

“How did you know?”
Sarah waved off the girl’s concern with a flick of the wrist. “Honey, it’s my job to know all the girls. Name’s Sarah, or Spice if we’re on the floor. I’m the house mom and I take care of all the girls. If you have problems at home and you need to talk, you come to me. If you need to know something, or you need jewelry, special outfits, shoes, or dance lessons, I can help you. I also can help you make some money on the side if you are ever interested posing for a few pictures. So what’s your name, sweetheart?”
“Have you picked a stage name yet?”
“No, why would I do that?”
“You can use your real name, I guess, but most the girls pick a pseudonym. They want to keep their private life to themselves, and this makes it harder for the stalkers. If you’re lucky enough to get one of those wackos as your customer.”
A young white woman in her early twenties, who had been applying her makeup quietly listening to the conversation in the changing room suddenly interrupted. “They say you really made it when you get your first stalker.”
Ming looked slightly stunned, her eyes wide. She obviously had not thought of the downsides to this job.

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