NEW RELEASE: ‘SPAM’- Published by Eternal Press

Hi folks,

It’s certainly a buzz to see a finished story published for the first time. ‘Spam’ is the first story of mine published by Eternal Press. ‘Spam’ is tongue in cheek horror, if there is such a thing. I certainly had fun writing it and I hope it tickles you, the reader. I imagine you will never look at those pesky emails in quite the same way after reading SPAM.

Edwin, a socially awkward college student and quintessential computer nerd, has an experience with Spam that is truly out of this world. His unusual adventure with an annoying Spam E-mail leads him to reassess his take on computers and life in general.

Here’s a short ADULT excerpt.

His headache now of minimal importance, he searched his body for effects. He rushed to the bathroom and peered at his distraught features in the shaving mirror. Nothing appeared amiss, he felt ok, how was it supposed to effect him, he asked his image in the mirror, as he scratched an itch in his genitals.

“Genitals,” he screamed. “It’s my dick. My penis was the default target. That’s what the instructions said.” He gasped as he pulled his pants down to inspect himself.

Everything appeared normal; a slight itch, he needed to pee, quite normal behavior for him. He’d slept rough in his clothes and he needed a shower.

After showering and a further examination, he started burying his paranoia. Hadn’t he decided yesterday, that the whole Genetic Enhancement Technologies email and the white box was just some weird practical joke? By whom he did not know; certainly not by Brett and his dipstick
mates he’d messed with yesterday.

Paul Mann


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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