NEW RELEASE: Once Upon a Moonlit Path can be preordered today!

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Once Upon a Moonlit Path by Cheri Valmont is up on the Siren site for
pre-order today! Woo! Here’s the link:

Here’s a blurb & check out the order page for a regular excerpt and an Adult excerpt:

All her life, Fi Carmichael has harbored serious doubts about her family’s curse, and the dire consequences she’d suffer if she ever fell in love.

Scotsman Hugh MacFarlane has been roaming the garden of Mirkheath Manor for over a century, awaiting the second chance promised to him on the night of his death.

Just days from being forced into a loveless marriage, Fi’s chance encounter with the mysterious Hugh in the garden of her family’s ancestral home stirs forbidden feelings inside her and has her rethinking her doubts. She soon realizes that in order for her to have her heart’s desire, she must first break the curse.

Determined to be together, Hugh and Fi race against time, searching the manor for clues on how to regain her freedom to love and his to live. They discover that love, forgiveness, and a promise of a future began once upon a moonlit path…

Behind the story:

I hope you love reading this story as much I loved writing it! This story came to me while I was on vacation at a Maine Fishing lodge with my hubby. Between bouts of fishing, my hubby had to study for a certification test, so I had plenty of time for my imagination to be transported back to Regency England. That was 2 years ago. I know that’s a long time between writing something & submitting it, but because this story was so special to me, it had to be just right for me to be satisfied that it was ready for publication. (Yes, that’s the perfectionist in me. [:p] ) But it is my hope that the readers will reap the rewards of my dedication to make this the best erotic, paranormal, historical romance that I could make it.



The Wicked Women of Romance
Siren Publishing
Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid


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