NEW RELEASE ~ Narian Rebirth: Mia’s Discovery

Today the second book in our Narian Rebirth series will be released at Cobblestone Press. Here’s a sneak peek at the beginning of Narian Rebirth: Mia’s Discovery.

Narian Rebirth: Mia’s Discovery
by Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh
copyright 2007, Cobblestone Press
Genre: Vampire Ménage (M/F/M)/Sci-fi
Available March 7, 2008

While searching for their lost leaders, two vampyres unexpectedly find a mate in Mia Branson. Traveling from her home to Atlantis, the triad discovers a hidden peril. Can the three of them overcome their cultural differences and find their enemies before one of the triad is lost to them all?


Narian Stellar Year: 110

Snuggled between her two mates in their cabin aboard the starship Atlantis, Aedha sighed with sleepy contentment. Although their species now searched for a new home to call their own, they’d managed to build three ships large enough to transport their entire population when forced to abandon their world. Naria first began to show symptoms of destabilization almost a millennium ago, giving them plenty of warning. So here they were, still looking for a planet to call home, over a century after leaving their own.

Yet as she looked at Brachain and Tyre, her mates, she couldn’t help but be thankful she hadn’t been left behind as an extra unmated single, or making this journey without someone to share the long, empty hours with. So many of their race had yet to form the mating triad before departing, either because there wasn’t a compatible female to share, or time had grown too short before departure to consummate the mating.

With Tyre’s heavily muscled arm curved over her waist, his chest to her back and Brachain’s ass snuggled against her front, she couldn’t be more comfortable. As the only three of their kind aboard ship not in stasis, it was nice to be able to lie abed and not worry about reporting to duty, or following protocol.

Sure, at least one of them should be on the command deck at all times, but then when would she have time for her mates? Besides, they were in deep space. There wasn’t anything out here but perpetual night. The ship piloted itself, so as far as she was concerned, she deserved this time to be lazy. Besides, what would happen here in the lonely darkness of space? In over one hundred years, they’d had not even one mechanical error.

Nothing ever happened out here. Nothing ever would. Aedha heaved a sigh of lazy satisfaction, snuggled deeper into the bedding and let herself drift off to sleep. A fifteen-minute nap before she returned to work wouldn’t hurt anything.

“Warning! Warning! Warning!”

Alarms shrieked. Lights flickered. And then the deep groan of tearing titanium sheeting echoed throughout the empty corridors of the ship. The three sleeping crewman sat up, looked at each other in shock and fear, and scrambled out of their nest.

“What the hell is going on?” Brachain yelled, his glare focused solely on his female mate as he threw on his uniform and started for the door. “Fuck that, obviously you know as much as Tyre and I do. Why aren’t you in the control room, Aedha?”

“I.I.I didn’t think it would hurt to take a nap with the two of you. We’ve been on watch for three moon cycles already and haven’t shared any time as a triad. I missed you both.”

“Don’t hand us that shite, Aedha,” Tyre interrupted. “As usual, you thought of naught but yourself. May the Gods help you if your selfishness leads to tragedy, Aedha. For I’ll not help you avoid punishment this time if it has.” With those parting words, Tyre followed Brachain, leaving Aedha alone in their sleeping quarters.

When Tyre reached the command deck, he knew the situation was indeed dire. Never before had he seen his friend look so grim and despondent. “Situation report?”

“Not good, Tyre. We’ve lost cabin pressure on decks nineteen through fifty-two. I’ve put up a shield to keep our pressure levels stable, but life support on those decks will expire in less than ten dawnings, according to these readings.”

“Shite. The stasis chambers for the Elder Council and the SanguiNarians are housed on those decks. We didn’t let the Sangs perish on Naria, so we certainly can’t let the blood-drinkers die out here. And without the Elder Council our people will be without hope once we find a new home.”

Tyre rubbed his forehead as pain and despair, fear and rage, beat at him from his bond mate. Brachain had warned him against forming the bond with Aedha, that she was selfish and prone to cruelty, but he hadn’t listened, instead wanting to form a triad before leaving their home. Shite. he couldn’t think about his mistakes now. Hopefully, they’d live long enough for him to castigate himself later. “What are your recommendations?”

Brachain turned to face the vast emptiness of space, then bowed his head. “We need to find the closest habitable planet to land, whether it’s occupied or not. We ruled out several civilizations within reachable distance, so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Then what has you so worried, my friend?”

“The cargo area where most of our fuel cylinders are stored has become contaminated with radiation. We have to jettison the fuel pods before they irrevocably contaminate the whole ship. Whatever planet we land on will be our permanent home.”

Tyre understood the complications. They’d chosen to search out an unpopulated planet due to their genetic needs. As psychic and empathic vampyre, others often feared or even reviled them for their need to feed off of emotional energy. And if other species ever learned that some of their people had chosen to embrace the blood madness and become SanguiNarians-blood-drinkers-he doubted it would turn out good for anyone. It was easier to live in isolation than with those who would hunt you rather than befriend you.

Tyre grimaced, then turned toward the entry portal when he heard the mechanism unlock. Before Aedha could speak, he pointed to one of the navigation consoles. “Sit on your arse, and don’t utter a word.”

“Warning! Warning! Warning!”

“What the hell now?” He looked over at Brach, aware his engineer already searched for the cause of their latest crisis.

He watched as Brach typed into his computer terminal, and waited for more bad news. It didn’t take long in coming. Brach was nothing if not efficient.

“We’ve lost radiation containment in several areas. We need to land. As it is, we may need to jettison some stasis pods just to ensure their chance at survival. I’m not sure how long the pods can withstand the radiation.”

Tyre nodded his understanding. Turning, he glared at Aedha, who sat conspicuously silent for a change, and issued the order that would forever alter their futures. “Find the closest inhabitable planet, Brach. Gods willing, we’ll survive.”

Bonnie Rose Leigh


A lost civilization found. A traitor located. But this is only the beginning for Felicity, Storm and Brandt–the latest Triad formed with the Lady Goddess’s blessing. Sex Me Slow available now at:

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