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The following is an excerpt from Eden by Tracey H. Kitts, available now at New Concepts Publishing.

This book is dedicated to my readers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading my work and for encouraging me to continue doing what I love.

“No visitors during the day,” he deep voiced guard said firmly.

Catrina looked over her shoulder at the sunset.

“It’s dusk,” she said softly. “And Viktor is expecting me.”

She stepped forward and handed the card Viktor had given her to the guard. The address was printed on the front in an intricate swirling font and on the back was his signature.

“Fine, then,” the guard said, stepping aside as he opened the door. “Wait in the lobby.”

Her heels clicked loudly on the highly polished floor, echoing in the silence of the large room. A young man was hurrying about, lighting what looked to be hundreds of candles. Tall marble columns reached to the high ceilings and the furniture looked to be Victorian in style. As she
got closer she decided that the furniture was Victorian and it wasn’t fake.

“Who have you come to see?” another young man asked before she could sit down.

“Viktor Van Helsing.”

“I shall inform him,” the boy said with bow.

About twenty minutes later, Catrina was still admiring the architecture when Viktor entered the room. She felt him before he came into sight and began to put up her shields. Her heart tried to race, but she slowed it. Her palms began to sweat, but she wiped them on the cushion beside her
and tried to think of something that didn’t turn her on.

“Let’s see,” she thought. “Something that doesn’t turn me on. Like gardening, jewelry and … pajamas.”

Pajamas?! Viktor had come to greet her in his pajamas! They were black and looked to be made of silk. The robe he wore was long enough to drag the floor behind him and it was the darkest shade of red she had ever seen. His hair trailed down his back, hanging in waves which framed his face. She couldn’t control her heartbeat any more when she realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt … or shoes. She had never had a foot fetish, but looking at Viktor’s feet, it didn’t seem like such a
bad idea.

“My Hellcat,” he said softly, and his sultry voice felt like a hand going up her thigh. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Catrina placed a hand over her heart in an attempt to slow it down. Though the gesture was subtle, it was not lost on the master vampire. He had always known she deliberately blocked his charms. Who’d have thought that all it took to break past her barrier was a little exposed flesh?

“I’ve come to discuss the business matter you brought up a few nights ago,” she said, her voice surprisingly steady.

“How wonderful,” he said.

Viktor leaned forward and extended a hand toward her. He wasn’t just offering to help her stand, he was asking for an unspoken answer. He knew that she would not speak of their arrangement in front of the guards and the servants. But if she took his hand it meant that she was in agreement with what he had suggested.

She knew what he was trying to do and gave herself permission to enjoy the feel of his long fingers as they gently squeezed her hand.

“Please, come with me,” he said silkily.

Catrina rose to her feet and found that the touch of Viktor’s hand made her feel lightheaded. Had it been because she had wanted to touch him for so long? Or was it a part of his vampiric powers?

“A little of both, I imagine,” he said softly as he led her down a corridor.

“What?” she stammered.

“You were wondering which had caused you to be lightheaded, my powers or the fact that you have denied yourself my touch for so long.”

She gasped. “You can read my mind?”

“Always could, my dear, if you hadn’t blocked me for so long.” He laughed softly at her shocked expression. “Do not be alarmed. I can see where the full effect of my powers might come as a
great shock to someone who has not allowed herself to feel them before. Seeing your reaction is also a pleasure I have long been denied. Indulge me.”

They reached the end of the long corridor and the vampire leaned around her to open a door. His hair spilled across her face and Catrina breathed deeply of the sweet scent of his shampoo.

“Viktor,” she said, and it came out as more of a moan.

“Yes.” He said so much with that one word and it was nearly more than she could take.

“Maybe I shouldn’t …”

“Do not fear me,” he whispered as he tugged her gently forward and through the door.

The hand which he still held felt so small inside his own. Viktor was overcome with the urge to both protect and devour her.

Catrina’s own thoughts were along the same lines. Viktor had never looked better and that was saying a lot because he had always looked damn good. She had come here with every intention of discussing business, yet pleasure was all that she could think of. She reminded herself that it had been a year since she’d had sex and that relationship hadn’t lasted long.

“Such a shame,” Viktor commented as he led her down a long staircase.

“Stop it,” she said and he stopped instantly in his tracks.

“What is it you wish me to stop, leading you to my bedroom or telling you the truth about yourself?”

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