NEW RELEASE: Bitten by Tracey H. Kitts (X/R-rated excerpt )

This is an excerpt from Bitten, an erotic paranormal romance by Tracey H. Kitts, out now with New Concepts Publishing.

Bitten is the sexy tale of Sandra Ashton, one witch who suddenly finds herself dating three vampires. So, what do you do when you’ve got three immortal beings professing their undying or is that undead love for you? You agree to what they like to call, “joint custody.”

“You will touch me now,” I commanded softly, showering him with kisses.

I pressed my lips to his throat, nipping gently at his skin and he moaned. Even that soft sound of pleasure made me weak with desire.

“I hate you,” I gasped as I threw him back on the floor.

Nicholas smiled up at me as I straddled his waist and lowered my head to his nipple.

“No you don’t,” he panted. “You hate that I have power over you.” I bit down hard and he yelped. “Don’t be angry, my dear. I will share it with you.”

I pressed my body against him and leaned forward to meet his kiss. Just as his lips found mine once again the werewolf from upstairs came bursting through the door.

“Nicholas, come quick!” he yelled.

“Just when I wanted to take my time,” he said, sighing regretfully. I started to get up, but Nicholas held me tight as he looked around me at the werewolf. “Is anyone dead?”


“Is anyone bleeding?”


“Is anything on fire?”


“Then get the fu@k out.” With those words the werewolf was thrown back into the hall and the doors slammed behind him. “Now,” Nicholas purred, “where were we?”

Even the interruption didn’t manage to break his spell. Whatever power he had over me, I was defenseless against it. Later, I would wonder why I didn’t even try to fight, but not now. At that moment the only thought I was aware of was getting Nicholas a little more naked.

“If you needed my blood to finish healing, why didn’t you just ask?” I said as I sat up long enough to snatch off my shirt.

“Because,” he said, rolling me to my back. “I needed your desire to heal, not your blood.” He pressed against me in a provocative gesture as he informed me, “I need your blood to get hard.”

“B@stard,” I said, rolling him over again.

I held his hands down by his sides as I kissed over his chest, relishing the feel of his flesh. To touch him was such a delicious ecstasy that I could think of nothing else. So, this is what it was like to touch an incubus. I could have rubbed and kissed him till my lips were chapped and I collapsed from dehydration. After a moment he squirmed and that set me off even more.

Then I did something I had wanted to do ever since I first saw him. I ran my tongue over his nipple. But I didn’t stop there. I continued to lick Nicholas until his chest shimmered in the firelight. I swear, he tasted like candy. I couldn’t get enough of him. Even though his touch made me want to scream, I could tell he was holding back and I felt deprived.

“Is this why you wanted me to come here? So that you could toy with me?”

“I wanted you to come here, so that I could trick you into spending the night with me,” he said softly.

For a moment I almost snapped out of it. “But, what about–“

“Stop worrying about tomorrow and live tonight in my embrace,” he whispered. Having more of my bare skin exposed seemed to intensify the touch of his voice.

“But you don’t want me, not really,” I said, trying to calm down. “You just want to use me.”

“No, my dear,” he said, and for the first time I detected kindness in Nicholas. He sat up with me straddling his waist as he unclasped my bra. “I want you to use me,” he said, bending down to kiss my breasts.

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