New Poetry Ebook City Myths – Released by Literary Road

Lian Frost explores the connections between myths and today’s society
in the book City Myths,ISBN 978-1-934037-38-6, $4.50.

There are elements of ancient mythology all around us. The poems in
this book are based on experiences in my life that brought these
classical myths to life for me. Anyone who has ever braved the stormy seas of Internet dating can relate to the cyber-romance theme of Narcissus. It was, of course, out of human emotions and experiences that the ancient Greeks and Romans first created these myths. My purpose in writing this book is to reveal that these “larger than life” gods and goddess are in fact very human, and more familiar to us than we realize. Not only are these myths alive and well on the
streets of our cities and neighborhoods, but they can some-times look
back at us from the mirror. There is a bit of this “larger than life”
aspect in all of us and in the world around us. It is my belief that
with this awareness we can transform the mundane into the profound, and the everyday into something magical, if only we have the imagination to embrace our Olympian roots.



Subway faster than the speed of light
robs the ancient tombs
of the bright gold talismans
giving us safe passage
through the deep tunnels
of the underworld.
Billboards erupt in neon flames
burning the flesh off small talk
leaving only bare bones
impossible to hide behind.
Echoes from the rails
sunlight trapped in icy steel
mothers in flowered prints
awaiting our rebirth
dance on the sparkling air
of the levels above.
Electric chariot thunders
into the next platform stop
travelers aboard a metallic sun
blink and stir,
like long dead pharaohs
rising from an embalmed silence
emerge like jeweled gods
out of an airless tomb
to a warm pulsing afterlife.


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