NEW M/M RELEASE: Chasing Winter by Rowan McBride

Warm Rush Book 1: Chasing Winter by Rowan McBride

Now available from Amber Quill Press in the Amber Allure Division

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Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Fantasy / Paranormal / Fetish / Series


When Jesse Winter left Connecticut to attend his business overseas, he had no idea that he would be gone three long years. His homecoming is a bitter one. An accident has left his body shattered and his heart cloaked in ice, and he knows he’ll never be warm again.

But Keith Taylor, just fifteen when Jesse skipped the country, has other ideas. He’s all grown up now, and he’s been waiting for Jesse to come home.

Keith’s determined to bring the fire back into Jesse’s life and he knows he’s strong enough to do it…



Who the hell would be knocking on my door at this hour? I decided I didn’t care.

But, eventually, I realized that the person at my door had no intention of giving up, and I sighed. “Alright!” I called. “I’m coming!”

I reached down and grabbed my cane from the floor. My body protested as I pushed myself to my feet, wasn’t much happier as I limped to the door. Without thinking, I just opened it up. “What are you…” My voice trailed as I found myself staring right at a pair of bulging, muscled pecs covered by a tight gray t-shirt.

Not one of mine, I noted distractedly.

My eyes were level with his nipples. They strained the fabric of his already stressed shirt. “What…” I tried again, with more dismal results.

“Hey, Mr. Winter. My parents said you wanted to see me, so I came right over.”

The voice, low and smooth, was enough to drag my gaze upward. Hazel eyes stared down at me. “Your parents?” I whispered. His face was arresting. Strong, clean cut. A hint of shadow on his jaw. Something in my brain finally clicked. There was only one person this could be, as fantastic as that seemed. “K-Keith?”

He grinned, showing perfect white teeth. “Have I changed that much?”

I leaned on my cane, suddenly needing its support more than I had a few seconds ago. “Sorry, I…”

His brow furrowed. “It’s pretty late, isn’t it? Did I wake you?”

Glad to have an excuse for my muddled brain, I nodded. “Yes. Yes, you did.”

“Ah, man. I’m sorry. I don’t sleep much so I tend to think everyone is up with me. When Mom and Dad told me you were back, I was so excited!”

Excited. I’m sure I disappointed the hell out of him now. As I usually did when I spoke with someone, I turned my head slightly to the left, to hide my scars. “Why don’t you sleep?”

“I don’t know. Too much energy I guess.”

Now, that fit the image of the boy I remembered. “Energy is a good thing to have.” I wished I had more of it. As well as a body to use it with.

“Mr. Winter?” He ducked his head, a concerned expression on his handsome face. “You tired? You want me to leave?”

Having him so close rattled my senses. I couldn’t believe how much size this kid had put on. His arms were swollen so thick that his shirt sleeves were filled to bursting; his shoulders were much broader than mine and capped with rock solid muscle. It was getting harder and harder to think. “Are your parents alright with you being out so late?”

He broke into a fresh grin, his face still close to mine. “You don’t have to worry about that, Mr. Winter. I can do pretty much whatever I want.”

The heat from his body, his clean, masculine scent… God, it was killing me. I tried to think of some polite way to get him to leave, but—like I’d said—he was rattling me. “Oh.”

“So, can I come in?”

My hand tightened on my cane, but I stepped aside. “Sure.”







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