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It’s Sunday Post time!  This is hosted by the lovely Caffeinated Book Reviewer and gives us all a chance to recap our week. Some of these posts are actually older, as I have never shared them. I found Dec to be a tricky month to keep up with posting to Instagram, so never posted daily as I usually do.



This is my first Sunday wrap since Christmas and the New Year, which was so busy for me that I’m afraid I got a bit behind with joining in with some regular features, and blog commenting. I assume this is the same for many of you who were also cooking non-stop for your family and visiting relations with no Internet! haha! This week has also been a little slow because there’s been a lot of family stuff going on, but hopefully next week will be better. I will make it so!

This year I haven’t set a whole bunch of New Year Resolutions, just a few:

My Personal New Year Resolutions…

  1. Fly Lady – (Long term goal) I’m making every effort to follow the Flylady plan to help de-clutter my house and keep on top of the housework, which I am notoriously bad at!  (Anyone here a FlyBaby?)
  2. To become an early riser! (Long term goal) I have taken to getting up at 4.45 am during the weekdays. Yes, you read that correctly! The first day was easy, (Wed 2nd Jan), the second (Thurs 3rd Jan) wasn’t bad either, but yesterday, (Fri 4th Jan) I felt quite tired, but that may also be because I am detoxing. Yes, I am also doing…
  3. Dry January – (A short term goal) no alcohol during the month of January.  This will definitely help with getting up earlier in them mornings, and maybe even with my next goal…
  4. Lose weight – Since I was ill and started working from home, I unable to walk the dog and get out much from around July to the beginning of December, I found I put on nearly a stone in weight from the last time I recorded it!!! (at least 113 days ago). That has got to change!  (Long term goal).
  5. Controlling my Crohn’s – Although I am currently in remission, I am still being very careful to keep my Crohn’s under control to avoid relapsing. Plus there are other issues to contend with, as Crohn’s is not so cut and dry and cause other Crohn’s related problems.  With regard to this goal of mine, it basically means being careful what I eat and making notes of the foods I’m eating that don’t agree with me. So far, I’ve discovered a LOFFLEX (LOFat/ Fibre Limited EXclusion) diet suits me much better than any other. And when I call it a diet, it’s not actually a diet to lose weight, it’s just a healthy eating routine with better choices. For example eating your greens and having plenty of vegetables is the normal for most people wanting a healthier diet, but for me that’s lethal, and I’m better cutting down on the amount of vegetables I eat and keeping my fibre intake very low.  Which is what a LOFFLEX, is all about. And yes, if you click the links, I was on the liquid diet over Christmas 2017 for about 6 weeks – what fun that was! LOL  Now I vary what I eat much more, with the LOFFLEX ideals firmly installed into my brain.

And that’s it. Come February I am thinking of making another list based around my work and blogging goals, but I will keep those separate from my ‘life’ goals, which are more about keeping healthy and looking after myself and my family, which in turn I need to do, so I can keep up with my blogging goals lol  I’m considering dropping Patreon, as they’ve actually caused me a lot of stress, something I could definitely do without. So, not to be beaten, I am currently working new adventures for this year.

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions for 2019?


Welcome to my Sunday Wrap Up Post! #swup








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What’s your week been like?

Do drop a comment below to share!  Here’s to a brilliant week ahead!

Luv Sassy x

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9 thoughts on “The Sunday Wrap Up Post #swup #Instagram #SundayMorning #SundayFunday #My2019Goals

  1. fuonlyknew – Voracious reader and love to do reviews. Will review yours! Love Doritos and chocolate. A fan of furry friends. I'm afraid of things that go bump in the night! I do reviews at request when time allows. Prefer print versions but also will do ebooks. If I can stand to let them go, I use some print review copies for giveaways.. Also like doing ARC reviews to promote authors and their books. I encourage authors to comment. My reviews are posted on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Smashwords and Barnes&Noble.
    fuonlyknew says:

    I think we were all on and off again with blogging over the holidays. So much going on. I hope your diet helps control things for you. And here’s to a bright and happy new year!

    My Sunday Post

  2. I love your New Year’s resolutions! Yes, I’m a FlyLady adherent. My sink is shiny as I type this.:-) But really, I have minimalist tenancies, so keeping things tidy isn’t a big chore for me since I don’t have much stuff.

    I also wake up early, 4:50. After years of a job or my kids’ sport (swimming) that required I get up that early, it seems normal for me! Besides, if I try to sleep in now, the cats would protest because they EXPECT to be fed at 5am!

    Best of luck on your diet. Tummy troubles aren’t fun at all.:-(

    1. Thank you for stopping by! just releasing your comment from spam! Hoping you are having a brilliant 2019 so far. I’m so happy to find another FlyBaby!! You’re lucky you’re not a hoarder lol xx

  3. “visiting relations with no Internet.” Right? That IS a problem haha! Happy New Year to you though- I can’t believe we’re in 2019 already??!? And good luck with your goals, especially the nutrition/ health ones! I’m trying to eat healthier this year too…

    Hope you have a fantastic week. 🙂

  4. sjhigbee – Science fiction/fantasy writer & creative writing tutor and book addict. I can't walk past a book shop or library and am considering therapy.
    sjhigbee says:

    Happy New Year, Sassy. Many thanks for the link to Flylady link – I definitely need to get to grips with the house. I’m sorry to hear that you suffer so with Crohns Disease – I know a bit about this horrible illness as my youngest sister is also afflicted. Best of luck with the new diet.

  5. OMG you have fantastic goals here! I do wake up before 5 AM for 24 years now…So I feel a kinship 😉 Glad to hear that your Crohn is under control as I know it can be hard! One of my friend suffers from it for year now. Happy Sunday!

  6. Carla – Canada – I am a retired teacher/librarian. I love to read, especially to my grandchildren. I read most genres, but lately have gravitated to cozy mysteries, romance (not erotic) and Christian Fiction. I do enjoy a good thriller every now and then, as well as some fantasy and the odd sci-fi. I have ventured into Blog tours, but I do not do well reading under pressure. I travel to Florida for 2 to 3 months in the winter (Canadian Snowbirder) but otherwise live in Windsor, Ontario Canada. Feel free to follow and comment on my blog. I try to respond to all comments.
    carhicks says:

    Happy New Year Sassy. I am behind in my reading blogs and commenting as you can see. You have some very good goals for a healthy and happy New Year. My only goal is to become healthier. Of course that includes exercising more (walking, riding a stationary bike, water walking) and eating healthier. I have made a good start and hope I can stick to it.

  7. You have many good goals and I hope you are wildly successful. I know we are also working on things, in baby steps, as we try different adjustments to make things work. Be kind to yourself. Happy New Year! Anne – Books of My Heart

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Anne. It’s been tough keeping up with some since I’ve been ill with a cold I can not quite shake off, but you’re right, being kind to ourselves is the best we can do. THank you xx

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