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 ‘What it is like to be an author’ 
What’s it like being an author? On this side of the fence I have to say it’s more complicated than I ever realized. The artistic drive to manifest imaginative thought is physiological. When a writer starts a story, we visualize the ending in our mind. Sometimes this is a vague thing off in the distance. Sometimes it’s already been determined before the first word is written. Everything else has to fill the space between the beginning and the end. This is the right brain hemisphere working.

We develop the plot by choosing the necessary elements in the same manner an artist sets up paint colors on a palette in preparation to painting. Mixing and matching verbal colors and arranging the shadows and highlights is what artists do, regardless if they’re painting a scene or crafting one. The modus operandi or operating method of the right brain is creativity. Critiquing what we’ve written is the purview of left brain. It loves being analytical. This physiological difference is what I’m talking about. My right brain controls my life. When I say I’d rather be writing than coming up with creative ways to promote my books, it’s because on any given day there’s only so much creativity to go around. At least that’s how it works in my head.
If I use up my allotment for the day, there is none left for writing in my alter worlds. Nine-to-five creative sparks don’t exist in my realm. It’s a bubble on the bottom of the ocean or a snowball rolling down hill – a unique burst of inspiration that must take its course. This is not necessarily something an artistic soul always has on hand. And as art often comes with a bevy of emotion, the artist can sometimes get drained from the creation process.

If I could look inside my creative mind with say…an electron microscope, I’d see an entire galaxy of thought. One quadrant might have a meteor shower of possibility, another a comet of inspiration, while across the way a full-blown conceptual super nova is taking place. That’s what I deal with as a person able to manifest thought into a product. In other words, there’s a vastness to my brain galaxy but also a great distance between each super nova and only so much fuel to propel my little spacecraft along. I have to refuel after creating something before I’ll be able to travel the stars in my mind again. Sometimes refueling comes quick and other times days will pass before the creative spark finds me once more. Other artist/right brain thinkers will know what I mean.

People ask how I came to write romance stories of the sort. I’ve a few reasons actually. First, I like seduction. That’s the reason I enjoy reading my favorite romance authors. Written seduction is a mind game, a ring-side seat to observe the psychological metamorphosis of the characters. Secondly, I like the physics of it. There comes a point where the connection between characters ignites into something neither has any control over–a 451° point of complete surrender that leads to total combustion. Lastly, because seduction is a cerebral thing, I find erotica to be the natural progression of the romance story.
I hope my imagery transports the reader to a time and place where, through the magic and power of words, they’re able to be inside the mind of the characters. Often from this intimate vantage point, the reader experiences the seductive transformation that will eventually send the hero and heroine hurtling toward the precipice. Come be the voyeur to their printed lives. Open yourself and allow my words to take you there. Draw close as coals ignite and feel the climax build as if you yourself are there being plied with firm hands and soft kisses. And when all is absorbed and endured and nerves are strung bow tight, release this most cerebral orgasm and free fall to earth.

I hope readers enjoy the flights of fancy I’ve created. When the last page is turned and the lovers roll into each others’ arms truly spent, know that I just may have another ember tucked away to warm your senses.

What’s a typical day for you?
My days are pretty routine. I wake early, do all the things associated with my personal toilette, walk the dogs, pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down at my laptop on my kitchen table. Generally my old dog will park herself right under my chair to increase the chance of tripping me when I get up. It’s bright yellow and sunny in my kitchen. Outside my yard is filled with green and all sorts of birds. Inside, everywhere I look I see my collections of things — antiques, collectables, little pieces of history — all tickle my imagination. My real desk is actually in the dark basement, but I much prefer it up here where it’s bright and conducive to writing. I check the emails first. I have four for various things, two of which are devoted to writing while the others I use to keep in touch with friends and my political, environmental, animal, and social activism. By 8am I’m ready to create (hopefully). I try to put in an 8 hour day, but unfortunately, my Muse doesn’t always fill my mind with details. I have several books I’m writing at once. It’s crazy I know, but when the story doesn’t flow with one, chances are good it will with another. Right now I’m on a roll with one story. A good day will see at least two chapters and lots of tweaking. If I have edits, then that takes up most of my time and I get very little actual new writing done. I really should run on my treadmill but generally I’ll have some mental blast of creativity whenever I make up my mind to do it! Hmm…I think my brain has struck a lazy deal with my muscles. I can almost here the conversation — if you don’t go run and make us tired, I’ll let her feel creative.

Where can we find out more about you and your work? 

Hermes Online

Author bio
If anyone is interested, my full bio can be found on my author’s page at my publisher’s site.
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