Motivational Monday – Why You’re Still Waiting to Get Started on Your Dreams #MotivationalMonday

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Have you ever had this conversation with yourself?
I really want to start on this project, it is going to be amazing, but I must wait. It’s not time yet. I will start on [INSERT DATE HERE]. I’ll start the business I have been researching and consumed about after the kids graduate from college? I’ll just wait until Memorial Day to begin my exercise program.
We’ve all done it—Seriously, been there, done that. There always seems to be a good reason not to get started right here and now. A self-imposed barrier we create to ensure procrastination born out of fear.

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Consider these excuses. Is one of them yours?

  • You’re waiting for the perfect time. Are you waiting for the stars to align and the heavens to tap you on the shoulder and give you permission? You’ll be waiting for a long time. The time will never be perfect to get started on something significant. Hello, life is never risk-free so just do it!
  • You’re waiting for something else to happen first. Maybe you’re waiting for the kids to move out or for the mortgage to be paid off. Or you’re waiting until your next promotion. Or you’re waiting for some internal drama to pass. 
  • You’re waiting until you have more money. There’s never enough money. You’ll find the money you need along the way.
  • You’re waiting for Monday, or the first of the month, or the first of the year. So many people wait until Monday to start a diet, — which makes no sense to me because Sunday is the first day of the week–or the first of the month to begin an exercise routine. Then the first of the month lands on a Wednesday and we say we will wait until Sunday – are you seeing a pattern here? There’s nothing magical about any date on the calendar. The calendar is a man-made invention to keep time. If you are feeling it now, do it now.
  • You’re waiting until you know more. Some people believe they need to know every shred of information related to their quest before they can get started. This simply isn’t true. You don’t need to know a lot to begin, all you need is the desire and commitment.
  • You don’t really think you’ll be successful. It makes sense that you won’t get started if you believe you can’t be successful. This is a sign that you might need to start with a smaller objective. A perfect goal is one that you believe you can achieve that also excites you.
  • You’re afraid you will be successful. This sounds counter-intuitive; however, many people are afraid of success. We may not like our current situation, but we are comfortable. Let’s face it, comfortable is easy, predictable, and there is no risk involved. We would rather have predictable misery than uncertain success. There’s no way to predict 100% what your life will be like if you’re successful.
  • You’re scared. If you’re honest with yourself, this is the most likely reason you’re postponing the pursuit of your dreams. Whether you dread the feeling of being hungry on a diet, sweating on a treadmill, or making a fool out of yourself with a failed business, you’re simply afraid.

In most cases, it’s better to get started immediately, rather than waiting for just the right time to get started. Even a little progress is better than no progress. Have faith in yourself and jump in with both feet.

You can’t be successful if you don’t get started. Your dreams are waiting for you.

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