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Next up, we have the winners of Keta Diablo‘s giveaway where TWO WINNERS can pick a book of their choice FROM Keta’s catalogue! The winners were SO hard to pick, since all the ‘best Christmas memories’ were so special. In all honesty, I had to pick two winners and it was terribly hard. In the end I chose:

Nikyta with:

My best Christmas memory was when I was about 5 or 6. After my parents went to sleep, I went to peak at the presents and when I walked near the tree, I saw ‘Santa Claus’. I knew he wasn’t real, though, because my brother kept nagging me about believing in him, so I started to cry (I was one of those kids that hated people in costumes like those people in Disney). Finally, after about 2 minutes of me wailing, my dad finally took off his beard and hat and picked me up to make me stop crying. Then he helped me sort out which presents went where. I loved it because I felt like I was in on a big secret that my brother and sister didn’t know. Lol


Chad Lewis with:

My favorite Christmas memory was the year I thought I would not receive any Christmas gifts at all because our family was so poor and we made a pact to enjoy the season like they did in Whoville but with no Grinch. So on Christmas morning, my mother put a Turkey in the oven and we all made donut holes together in the kitchen and sang Christmas Carols while Uncle Ted got drunk and chased us around. Then when we were done adding the sugar, we went into the living room and under the tree was a cassette recorder. I had wanted one but I was too afraid to ask given the situation with my parents and there it was. I spent the rest of the holiday taping songs off of the radio and interviewing family members. My mom just found the tape a few years ago and when we played it, the whole thing was hilarious and it provided my second best Christmas memory ever.

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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!  I will contact you both now 🙂

And thank you Keta for your donations!
But a BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of you of whom entered, and shared your most treasured memories.  It was a pleasure to read them. THANK YOU.

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