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Here are the memes we play at Alternative-Read.com. The memes we host are all free promo for anyone who wishes to join in! 

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On Monday we host:mondaymovie

The Monday “Movie” Book Trailer Swap! A place to share your book trailers with our readers.

Also, I cross post this meme with #MusicMonday by asking you to share a playlist or a favourite song found on YouTube. It can even be a song which represents one of your characters or is mentioned in your book.  (#MusicMonday is hosted by Lauren @AlwaysMe (blog)

Please find the form for our MONDAY FEATURE, here:   https://goo.gl/forms/Ie98Hw5wD7AV2zT12

On Tuesday we host:

Talk Tuesdays where we interview authors. See #All Interviews

On Wednesday we host:

woydw-stickerThe ‘What’s on your desk, Wednesday?’ Open to anyone with a desk, a writing routine, and a book, product or website to promote. That means book bloggers, authors, freelance writers… you get the gist! Just visit this page to find out more about this meme, and fill in this quick form here to send me your details! 

I cross post this feature with Waiting on Wednesday memes and visit other blogs to show your book off!

On Friday I participate in Book Beginnings and Friday56 memes:

Book Beginnings With Gilion Dumas of RoseCityReader (blog) @GilionDumas (Twitter)Friday 56 (Instagram) .  We meet every Friday to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires.

Friday56 With Fredasvoice  (Blog) @fredalicious (Twitter) as @fredasphotos #Friday56 (Instagram) The idea is to post a teaser from page 56 of the book you are reading and share a link to your post. 

On Saturday we host:

Saturday Spotlight Q&A where we interview authors. See #All Interviews


On Sunday we host:

Sassy’s Sunday Spotlight: Where we focus on a different author every Sunday — be it a classic writer you know and love, a New York Times / Sunday Times bestseller, or an Indie Author deserving to step up into the spotlight and have their voice heard. Visit our previous Sunday Spotlighted authors here!

This is a simple feature of your book, with cover, blurb, excerpt, buy now and social media links.

Free book promotion form:  https://goo.gl/forms/ff15G47oGjrZF2HO2


On the 1st of each month we host:

http://bit.ly/ARcoversThe ‘Sassy Brit’s Alternative’ Book Cover Awards!

This is a chance to show off your book to hundreds of visitors, whilst celebrating your love of fine covers and the artists who create them.

You can also win a small prize for being the favourite BOOK COVER OF THE MONTH, and will automatically be entered into the 2018 book cover of the year contest.  Lots of exposure!

For more details, and to enter your book cover, check out this page!

Alternative-Read.com BCA :Click the link above to nominate!
Alternative-Read.com BCA :Click the link above to nominate!



I regularly tweet and re-tweet past guest posts… FOR FREE TWITTER PROMO – ADD #AltRead to your Twitter book promotion posts! 

Should you have any problems with any of these forms, please email me on SassyDOTBrit @ gmailDOTcom Thank you!


Reviewers Welcome! Loads of books to pick up to review here! GRnext

Authors and Reviewers ~ Join our Alternative-Read.com friends AUTHORS NEEDING REVIEWS GR Group!Group:  Authors Needing Reviews Authors. Bloggers. Join us. Chat books. Discover alternative reads! 😉  

 Click this link to join us!

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