MEMBER NEWS: What IS the Thorn of Ebon?


Just What IS the Thorn of Ebon?

All I will say is that the Thorn of Ebon is a weapon of some sort. Thus begins a journey, a journey that takes lives, destroys cities, creates love, involves great sex, and forges friendships that will last for all of eternity.

The prequel, Honeysuckle and Wild Roses ( sets the stage for Thorn of Ebon and the two, possibly three books to follow.

Do you love fantasy? How about dragons and faeries based on real faerie lore? Like to read about gods and goddesses that meddle in the lives of Mortals and the Fae? Perhaps you’ll enjoy Thorn of Ebon.

Besides, a recent review of the prequel made my day; please check it out. It’s not a lengthy review. ( Also, the reply from Marci G. Baun, editor of Thorn of Ebon was:

“Write book II now! I have to know what happens!”

I’ve blogged about Thorn of Ebon, book I in the Daughters of Trinity Series. For a sneak peek of Thorn of Ebon, I have excerpts posted at my various blogs. Choose one, grab the drink of your choice, and read about Princess Loilati, a Daughter of Trinity.

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