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Title – The Chemist
Author – Grayson Reyes-Cole

Release Date – March 01, 2008
Genre – Paranormal Romance


Huntington Lewis, a smart, sexy, clairvoyant PR phenom, is trying to land the account of her life with pharmaceutical company Med Solutions. When the devastatingly attractive CEO, Remy Durant, makes an enemy of a very important FDA inspector, Huntington flies to the rescue the playboy chemist.

With suspicious expiration dates and a poor image within the 36-55 female demographic, Remy is sinking fast. All of Huntington’s skills are needed as the duo battle their way to love, in spite of the paparazzi, old flames, focus groups, and a very cranky scorned witch.

Funny, sexy and edgy, this novel is bound to delight readers excited for a new paranormal series.


Title – A Lion from the Forest
Author – MC Halliday
Release Date – March 01, 2008
Genre – Mystery

WARNING: This title contains depictions of childhood abuse and pathological mental illness and could be disturbing to sensitive readers.


Detective Inspector Octavia Cambridge Mysteries
Middle aged, shrewd, educated and upper class, Octavia Cambridge downs bottles of red wine, smokes too many cigarettes and eats microwave dinners at her kitchen counter.

Her speciality is murder.

Assigned to Major Enquiries with the London Metropolitan Police Service is difficult enough, but Octavia is also struggling with intense sorrow made worse by a lifetime of self imposed emotional isolation. Due to her vulnerability and history of falling for cads, she tries to ignore her attraction toward a charming superior officer, the exceedingly handsome DC Superintendent Dan Richmond.

Woven into each noir psychological mystery are the intimate thoughts and closeted personal challenges of potential suspects, as well as the hidden truths of the officers working closely with Inspector Cambridge.

Detective Inspector Octavia Cambridge Mystery II

The desiccated body of a woman is found in Kensington Gardens. With no means of identifying the strange corpse, Detective Inspector Octavia Cambridge begins a search of missing persons. As each day passes, one body after another turns up in the Gardens, each in an increasingly mutilated condition and each victim unable to be identified. Surmising the recent murders of women lead to one killer, Octavia is assisted by a criminal profiler, Dr. Tom Fuller. Sergeant Nyland has a hunch the profiler is not what he seems and oddly, the man fits his own criteria of the killer.

Once again, hidden histories and horrid dark secrets are revealed: sexual dysfunction and shame, abuse and hatred, romantic love and fixation, familial commitment and malevolence, dedication and soul-devouring regret.

DI Octavia Cambridge must deal with her own tribulations and those of fellow officers, while wading through layers and layers of deception to uncloak a heinous serial killer.


Title – The Warm Season
Author – Carol McKenzie
Release Date – March 01, 2008
Genre – Lesbian


Rita Jane Fuller, a handsome woman, clearly gay, leaves her restaurant in Chicago, is just out of a bad relationship.

Sienna Hutchinson, a “straight” woman, is abandoned often by her uninterested husband. When he does come home, he treats her like a maid and their house, to him, is merely a hotel. While he is out gallivanting around the countryside selling trinkets to truck stops and etc. (perhaps cheating, too), she remains faithful, stays at home and runs their store like a dutiful wife.

Sexually, she is needy, frustrated and wants real live companionship and love as opposed to her hot, pink vibrator. It is not until sexy, boyish Rita Jane Fuller appears on her door step and captures Sienna’s interest, that her problem begins to disappear.

Sienna’s work, running a store that sells souvenirs, T-shirts and books, is seasonal and busy only during the warm months when the tourists are in town and Rita wants to help. Sienna’s soon-to-be ex-husband weighs in with his thoughts regarding Sienna taking an obvious lesbian into the house.

Each woman turns the other one on and their relationship reaches the aching point that their needs must be met.


Title – At the Dungeon Master’s Hand
Author – Jennifer Cole
Release Date – March 01, 2008
Genre – BDSM
WARNING: this title contains explicit sex, graphic language, bondage, BDSM, use of sex toys and anal sex.


Level headed workaholic Natalie Buchanan needs to let loose. She has been working 24/7 on a career altering project with the prestigious magazine where she is employed. Without having had a minute to herself, she is determined to enjoy her first weekend off in six weeks.

Natalie is appalled to see that her two best friends have dragged her to Le club d’Esclavage — The Club of Slavery — for their fun-filled evening of ‘stress relief’. Deserted in record time once the trio enters the BDSM club, she seizes the opportunity to escape.

Before she can locate the exit, Natalie finds herself the desired interest of a leather hooded, bare chested man watching her from the bar.

The masked stranger stalks toward her purposefully grabbing her from behind, his deep, sultry voice vibrates through her body as he whispers, “You … are mine.”

Oh what’s a girl to do?


Title – Play for Me
Author – Terri Pray
Release Date – March 01, 2008
Genre – BDSM


Tyler had been the center of Naomi’s world. Her husband, lover and her Master until that world had been turned upside down by a car accident that left him wheel chair bound. Together they had unleashed her submission and now she was left with a choice. Find another to explore that desire with, lock it away, or cling to the slender hope her husband would face his fears and find the man she knew still existed within him. The Master she still loved…


Title – Called by Power
Author – Auburnimp & Michael Barnette
Release Date – March 01, 2008
Genre – Yaoi

WARNING: This title contains graphic language, sizzling guy on guy sex and some graphic violence.


Flamespirit, a firemage and healer, is a virtual outcast living with a clan he will never be part of, a clan that refuses to accept him as one of their own. While most men have swordbrothers to love them and wives to give them children, Flamespirit has neither lover nor wife.

Stormdragon, a powerful windmage and sunstone wielder, has lost any reason to live. His swordbrother, Sandrunner is dead, and his elder brother has ruined his reputation among their clan. Stripped of being Heir to the Chief for an act of cowardice he didn’t commit, he leaves his people rather than become a kinslayer.

A chance meeting between the two men changes their lives in ways neither of them expected when they are called by power.


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