MEMBER NEWS: Swimming Kangaroo Author Sondra Quinn has received 2 5-heart reviews

Swimming Kangaroo Author Sondra Quinn has received 2 5-heart reviews from The Romance Studio!

Love Under Suspicion is a book of constant excitement, some dangerous situations, and a myriad of lies and deception. Each time Ms. Quinn writes a paragraph, she is weaving a more interesting storyline. There is much which happens in the book, but there are no “dead” spots to destroy the interest of the reader. I encourage you to read this book; you will definitely be glad you did!

For Love’s Challenge:
Ms. Sondra Quinn has again proven her brilliance in expressing herself in such a way that compels readers to seek out works authored by her. Her exceptional expertise allows the readers to become part of the story and feel as if you are actually there. Love’s Challenge shows that not only being in love and being a part of a couple is important, but in order to work in “real” life, compromise is required. It takes two committed people to become a productive couple with children and a rigid outlook is unproductive. This book is a fast read which crossed the gambit of emotions. I actually cried in several places; however, it was worth every tear! I laughed in several more places. I absolutely loved this book and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Great review for Chanukah Guilt from Reviewing the Evidence Schneider’s light touch with the exposition, where you learn about
customs and religious practice, helped a lot. She writes realistic,
plausible dialogue (a big concern with many first mysteries for me)
and shows you around her home, her town and her life, without a lot of dull exposition. I knew a lot but still welcomed the refresher course. I think this character could show up in several more books and I’d be glad to see her.

Reviewed by Andi Shechter, July 2007

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