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I wanted to let everyone know that my newsletter for August has just been posted. Once a month, I try to update everyone on my latest release(s), new reviews, chat/blog dates, and sometimes a little personal info about my family and me. Unless I have some terrific news that I just can’t wait to share, I generally don’t send out more than 1 announcement for the whole month so I won’t clutter your inbox.

Members are also privy to sneak peaks of upcoming releases, (this month features Lycan Lore 2: Offspring), as well as special contests only open to subscribers. If you enjoy the paranormal genre, and romance/erotica are your favorite types of stories, then I invite you to join my newsletter and keep abreast of what’s happening in Shannon Leigh’s paranormal world.



Chat schedule for this month:
August 28th
Amber Heat Blog & My blog


Shannon Leigh
“Giving Readers the O in their erotica.”
My Spaace:

*Chasing Booty* when the payoff is too good to pass up.
*Dark Tales* not your average bedtime story.
*Lycan Lore 2* when your own kind is your worst enemy.


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