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Three men and one woman forge an alliance destined to thwart an enemy thought long-defeated.
Sex Me Replete

By Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh
Copyright 2007, eXtasy Books
Genre: Shapeshifter/Menage a quatre (M/F/M/M)/Sci-if/Fantasy/Series
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Jerineau Arden is an Amazonian Warrior searching for a planet to cal home for her all-female crew. When her ship crash lands on an alien planet, she doesn’t expect to find a mate, never mind three.

With matings long since forgotten, it takes three very determined men to convince this Amazonian woman that taking a mate is more than just sex for procreation. And when an enemy thought long-defeated returns, no one is prepared for the outcome.


Jeri felt the press of someone’s warm lips against hers. Damn that Alosia! She’d told her time and again, she would have no part of two female sex. She had nothing against the women who indulged in that sort of thing, but she’d have a red-blooded male or nothing but her fingers and toys. Raising her arms, she pushed the face away from hers, opened her eyes and gasped. Not only did she need to fill her lungs because they ached, but now she was seeing things.

Amid the haze surrounding her sight was a vision. A man! Dark hair framed a classically handsome face. Dark eyes stared down at her and she nearly allowed herself to sink within their depths. His lips still glistened with the evidence that he’d lain his mouth upon hers and his face was flushed. It gave her some delight to realize he wasn’t unaffected by his actions. His broad shoulders gave way to thick, muscled arms that had held her to him while he’d breathed the life back into her. All in all, he was exceptionally well-built.

Surely she’d died and gone to heaven for no man existed aboard her ship. And definitely not one so handsome as the one who had held her in his arms. He looked down at her, a smile curving his lips. And he was so young! This male certainly wasn’t old enough to be her grandsire. Even if he didn’t wish to mate, perhaps she could convince him to leave a sample of his semen—so they could impregnate themselves to carry on their race—as did the other males they’d found that were too old to raise the women’s temperatures. If only he had a friend or two, they would have enough sperm to impregnate themselves more than once. Perhaps they could breed their own males. If they were careful.

She almost snorted. As if they could be so lucky. The man was most likely a figment of her imagination, a vision of what she wanted most, while she lay dying in her pod. Damn. She knew there was a reason she didn’t like those accursed things! Elaborate coffins…that’s all they were. She stopped her musing for a moment when her mind registered what woke her up. It had been a man’s voice.

Widening her eyes, she dared to sit up and look around. The deck still dipped and pitched. She wasn’t well. Oxygen deprivation, that’s what it was. It had to be because when she managed to keep herself upright, she counted four men. And all of them were fine specimens of breeding age. Two light and two dark. Matched sets! She looked from one to the other, her eyes appraising as the two, very large men, made their way forward with murder in their eyes.

“Get your hands off our woman!”

Whoa! Her people needed men to procreate and, well, for sexual gratification but none of them belonged to any male. They were Amazonians. They prided themselves on the fact that they’d managed to get along without men—not by choice, but necessity. For some reason they never bred males. It must have been inferior semen. It just had to be the man’s fault.
Bonnie Rose Leigh
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Three men and one woman forge an alliance destined to thwart an enemy thought long-defeated. Sex Me Replete-Children of the Triad Series-Book 3- at eXtasy Books

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