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Here’s a brand new excerpt from my brand new novel, Love and Seduction in Las Vegas,

Cover Art by Dee Dawning
ISBN: 1-60601-119-7
E-book $3.99
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Excerpt Three

At four o’clock
I headed down the hall to the locker room. Harry intercepted me and tried to stop me but I kept walking. “Ell, baby, we’re shorthanded and busier than hell, would you consider working until ten. I’ll give you an extra day off with pay.”

“Harry, you know the pay is sh$t and we make our money on tips. Honestly Harry I would, but have a date with a man I love.”

“Sounds serious.”

“It is, he’s my nephew.”

“Wow that is serious. Still I need you here. If you leave, you’re fired.”

“Again. Fine, fire me. I’ve been looking for a reason to sue this dump.”

“You’re hired. I wouldn’t fire my Ell. Hold on a minute would you.”

I stopped, crossed my arms and turned to face him. “What?”

Harry was posing like a cocktail waitress for me. “How do I look? Think I’d look any good in your outfit.”

I snickered. “I don’t know? Pull up a pants leg.”

He did.
Considering he was overweight, his legs weren’t bad. I winked and gave him thumbs up. “When you got it you got it. Just don’t let some guy talk you into giving a two-bit Blow Job.”

He smiled and his eyes opened wide. “Hey, You think anyone would pay to eat their pussy.” I’d worked with Harry for two years and really liked him, but I couldn’t picture his bald head between my legs, although his mustache might be interesting. I flashed him a naughty smile. “You, maybe. How much money you got?”

Harry fell against the wall cracking up. “I thought you had to go?”

“I do.”

He hit me on the butt and said, “Well, get the f… out of here.” I started heading back down the hall and Harry yelled, “Hey Ell, When are you going to let me sample that prime tail.”

“You know when Harry.” I yelled over my shoulder a second before I opened the locker room door.

I smiled as I heard a dejected response. “Yah, I know. Never.”

Dee Dawning
Erotic-romance for the naughty streak in all of us.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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