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If you never read the ebook, now would be the perfect time to get swept up in the romantic suspense thriller, Eureka Point, because it’s now available in paperback. Picture, if you will, the surf pounding the jagged coastline of a beach in northern California. The sky is crystal clear, the breeze carries the scent of sea lavender and brush roses. Off in the distance you can see the quaint Victorian seaport town of Eureka. This is where my romantic suspense thriller, Eureka Point takes place. Go ahead, get swept away…


Kate is in trouble. She is finding out from the FBI that her husband has been living a double life. Now he has disappeared and some people think Kate may know more than she does. Now Kate has to figure out how to get out of the trouble and stay alive while doing it. She also has to figure out how she could be blind to what was going on.

Tom is doing his job. Part of that job is protecting Kate while the search for her husband is conducted. Tom has helped many people stay alive when they are being hunted by criminals. It has given purpose to his life since the death of his wife. What Tom wasn’t counting on is how personal it was going to become protecting Kate. This job is suddenly much more important than any other he has done. Protecting Kate and keeping her alive means having a future, one to look forward to. Now all they have to do is find her husband.

Tom and Kate need to figure out what they feel while keeping the criminals at bay. Things are getting a lot more difficult.

This is a good suspense story. You never know what will happen next. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as you see what will happen next. The description of the locations makes you feel like you are there and see all the beauty that the characters are seeing.

I give this one 4 red roses.Reviewed by: Red Roses For Authors
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When I returned to the cabin Lizzie was standing in front of the fireplace, stripped down to her underwear. Appearing as if in a trance, she was drying herself with a towel. Her wet skin glowed as the firelight danced upon her flesh.

I stood behind her and she slowly turned to face me. Her eyes sparkled with firelight, silently calling me to her. Without saying a word, I took the towel and slowly went over the curves of her body, drying the wet drops as they fell from her drenched hair onto her shoulders and then slid further down, onto the rounded tops of her full breasts. Our eyes met, and finally knowing Craig was no longer a threat, relieved we did not have to run and hide, and unable to hold back any longer, our passion ignited.

Lizzie pulled at my wet shirt, unable to remove it fast enough. I tore off my wet clothing as Lizzie removed the remainder of hers. I stood close, taking in the sweet, hypnotic scent of her, captivated by her beauty. “God, you’re beautiful,” I said, breathing heavily in her ear. I grabbed her to me and we fell onto the rug in front of the fireplace in each other’s arms.

My heart was pounding so hard I thought Lizzie could probably hear it but I didn’t care. She finally let herself go. All that mattered was what we felt at that moment in time. We had been attracted to each other from the moment we first met, had felt an instant connection. Those feelings, which had been held back, now came loose.

Passionately, we kissed until we were unable tohold back any longer. Lizzie finally let the walls she had been confined behind come tumbling down. As I laid flat on my back, Lizzie lightly brushed her fingertips along my damp skin. I shivered then sighed deeply as currents of pleasure raced through me.

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