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Check out this 4-heart review of The Knowing by Larriane Wills on

“Larraine Wills has written a sweeping tale of religions fighting and the religious use of political intrigue to get what they want. This story shows that religion can be commanding, stifling, demanding and domineering and that people need to take their own lives and faith into their own hands. This reviewer enjoyed this story very much.

The characters leap from the pages. Garren is a man that is
mysterious and interesting. This character alone keeps the reader
turning the pages. A myriad of secondary characters give the story color and life. Ms. Wills has a knack for keeping her reader on the edge of the cliff and not letting out too much information too soon. This was a very satisfying read and this reviewer hopes to enjoy more of this talented writer’s work soon.”

Larriane’s book, The Knowing, received a 5-star review from the
Historical Romance Club and the HRC Review’s Choice Award.
“The Knowing is a wonderfully written fantasy world brought to life by
Larraine Wills. The characters draw you into their world and take you
through an amazing adventure with a hint of romance. The depth of this
novel keeps you under its spell until the end. A must read.”

Chanukah Guilt by Ilene Schneider had a wonderful review at
“I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery. The two murder cases were complex
and interesting and kept me on my toes. What really sold me on this
book was a look into Rabbi Cohen’s public and private life. I enjoyed
details of her rabbinical duties and the quirky people in her
congregation, along with explanations of Jewish religious practices.
Looking into her home life was fun, too. I got to see what Rabbi Cohen
did on her off time, how she kept the Sabbath, and how she practiced
kashrut (Jewish dietary rules). Her friends and family were also
intriguing, especially her best friend who is a mortician, and her
niece who is in a committed lesbian relationship and is raising a six
year old son with Asperger’s Syndrome.
“Bravo Ilene Schneider! Chanukah Guilt is a grand success! I can’t
wait for more Rabbi Cohen!” ~ Janie Franz

Reviewing the Evidence had this to say about Chanukah Guilt:
“Schneider’s light touch with the exposition, where you learn about
customs and religious practice, helped a lot. She writes realistic,
plausible dialogue (a big concern with many first mysteries for me)
and shows you around her home, her town and her life, without a lot of
dull exposition. I knew a lot but still welcomed the refresher course.
I think this character could show up in several more books and I’d be
glad to see her.” Reviewed by Andi Shechter

Sondra Quinn’s two romances received wonderful reviews from The
Romance Studio. :

For Love Under Suspicion: “Love Under Suspicion is a book of constant
excitement, some dangerous situations, and a myriad of lies and
deception. Each time Ms. Quinn writes a paragraph, she is weaving a
more interesting storyline. There is much which happens in the book,
but there are no “dead” spots to destroy the interest of the reader. I
encourage you to read this book; you will definitely be glad you did!”
For Love’s Challenge: “Ms. Sondra Quinn has again proven her
brilliance in expressing herself in such a way that compels readers to
seek out works authored by her. Her exceptional expertise allows the
readers to become part of the story and feel as if you are actually
there. Love’s Challenge shows that not only being in love and being a
part of a couple is important, but in order to work in “real” life,
compromise is required. It takes two committed people to become a
productive couple with children and a rigid outlook is unproductive.
This book is a fast read which crossed the gambit of emotions. I
actually cried in several places; however, it was worth every tear! I
laughed in several more places. I absolutely loved this book and I
highly recommend it to everyone!”

Wikipedia Post
Wow! A Swimming Kangaroo Book has made it into Wiktionary! Chanukah
Guilt is listed for its use of the term Nintendo.

Last but not least:

Looking Glass Portal Cover Reveives Award
Congratulations to cover artist Berin Uriegas whose cover for Looking
Glass Portal received the Dirk A. Wolf Honorable Mention Award for
Excellence in eBook Cover Artwork in the *category for Science
Fiction, Sci Fi or futuristic Romance from EPIC.

Looking Glass Portal:

Garrett is either in a coma, lost in crazy dreams or just plain crazy,
locked in a padded cell living a delusion. Pig-like men don’t come out
of thin air with a weapon that punches holes through flesh and bone.
There is no such thing as a Thornn research vessel or giant bumble
bees called yantz that produce an organic substance to replace missing
flesh and bone, and there sure as hell isn’t really a Pegasus. Aliens
of all shapes, sizes and colors don’t gang up on you and try to kill
you. But damn if it didn’t all seem real as real as the constant pain
he had lived with for twelve years. Did it even matter? Real or insane
delusion, Garrett knew he was in a fight for his life.

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