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Go to a Magical World Beyond
The Faerie Mists.

A world where elves battle ogres, and rock trolls hide precious talismans in their caverns. A place where a healer’s touch can mend more than a broken body. Where magic and love come together to create something very special..

Varol Thysi

A force of passion…the power of soulmates…

The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire

An ancient prophecy comes to life in an erotic tale of forbidden love. Talia’s visit home turns upside down when dark, frightening creatures appear seemingly from nowhere and transport her to another world. The faerie world.

In this mystical paradise, she finds her life and honor threatened for reasons she does not understand.

When Calion Sáralondë, Prince of the Calen’taur Elves, rescues the human female from an orcan stronghold, his attraction to her is immediate and strong. And the feeling is mutual. Though their love is sardai—taboo—Calion can’t bring himself to send her back to her world. Her presence sets a fire in his soul only mating with her can tame. And their passion could be the answer to an ancient prophecy that saves his world.
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A surprisingly delightful read. After reading the summary, I thought this would be a good book to past time but I couldn’t stop reading until it has ended. Loved this!!!
Winnie Liu at Bookstores and More

This is one awesome story! This is the book you want to buy and give all your friends so they can read it and you can all get together and talk about it. Calion is the hunky Alpha male we all dream of. It takes him awhile to get his act together, but he’s so everything you want a man to be, he’s worth waiting on. I loved this book, I could hardly put it down,(except to jump my sweetie after the hot, hot, hot love scenes). Don’t want to spoil the book for anyone, buy it and sit down with an ice cold drink, a box of Kleenex and be prepared to read it in one sitting, you won’t want to put it down.
Pat at Bookstores and More

I loved this book! It made me laugh, cry, and basically ran the gamut through my emotions. Ms. England’s writing is beautiful, and her descriptions are completely magic. This was the first time I have read her work, and now I can’t wait to find more. When the rest of this series comes out, I want to be the first in line for it. The whole book took my breath away. I will be recommending this book to every one I know! Can’t wait to read more!
Reviewed by Dawn for Paranormal Romance Reviews

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Dawn is so focused on making a name for herself in the art world, her personal life has fallen into a rut. She spends far more time with her hands in clay than on a man. Then her friends liven things up by taking her to a toy shop for her birthday. A very different kind of toy shop for special sexual games. And there’s more than sexy entertainment on the shelves—a fortune teller says Dawn’s destiny awaits if only she will reach out and take it.

Aidan is a vampire who has existed for over a century searching for his one true soulmate, his twin-flame. One look at Dawn takes Aidan’s breath away. One kiss later, he knows she is the one woman who will sustain him forever—if he can convince her to walk with him on the wild side.
Dawn responds to his inspiration better than he could have hoped. Then she goes one toy too far…
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CJ England

Follow Your Dreams


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