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Second Webb Sawyer Mystery to be Released Soon

Pelican Point: a Webb Sawyer Mystery

will be released this coming July from iUniverse, a Barnes and Noble Company.

Pelican Point

is the second book in the Webb Sawyer Mystery series. Book one, Blue Heron Marsh was not only a critical success but we were pleased to find when the most recent royalty statement came in that sales were still brisk.

The cover art for Pelican Point is by Donna Higgins Colson and the cover design is by Kim Colson (previously Kim Modler).

Pelican Point

takes up several months after Blue Heron Marsh ends. Webb’s relationship with Nan is still rocky and he meets a new lady of interest while pier fishing in Nags Head. Even with his women problems, Webb is back to the quiet life at Blue Heron Marsh he so cherishes. But then….

What follows is the back cover blurb from Pelican Point:

Life is good for Webb Sawyer. Until he gets hit over the head in the Nags Head Pier parking lot. Until a mercenary from Columbia, and three of the Columbian’s friends try to kill him and burn down his house at Blue Heron Marsh. Until his son goes missing while trying to track down the killer of a university professor, a murder for which his son Preston is under suspicion.
When Webb and Preston’s girlfriend, Sunshine Bledsoe, work together to discover what happened to Preston, what they discover goes far beyond the professor’s murder.

At the back of Pelican Point is the prologue for the third book in the series, Swan’s Landing: a Webb Sawyer Mystery, which has its beginnings with the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in New York City.
We will advise you of the release date once it has been determined.

Douglas Quinn finishes draft of Children’s Chapter Book

In the Fall of 2008, Douglas Quinn’s grandson, Quinn asked him when he was going to write a children’s chapter book, using Quinn as the hero, of course. Douglas Quinn said, “Why not?” and conceived a children’s book series called Quinn Higgins: Boy Detective, aimed at ages 8-10. The first book in the series is The Case of the Missing Homework.
Douglas Quinn had the privilege of reading chapters as they were completed to his grandson’s 3rd Grade class at Weeksville Elementary, adding in a brief writing lesson with each reading. Quinn has completed the first draft of the book and will read the final chapters to the class on the 29th of this month.
The book is scheduled to be published by White Heron Press and printed through Amazon Books CreateSpace service. Quinn hopes to have the book released by this coming fall.

Douglas Quinn working on new Suspense/Thriller

Douglas Quinn is 11 chapters into his new suspense/thriller The Capablanca Variation: The End Game. This book is the third and final book in the Ellis Family saga, the first being The Catalan Gambit (Henry Ellis end-runs the governments of the U.S. and Spain to try and save his children, whose plane was highjacked by international terrorists); the second being The Spanish Game (Jennifer Ellis, now age 24, steps up to save her father against a person from The Catalan Gambit who is bent on revenge).
In The Capablanca Variation: The End Game, Jennifer is blackmailed by the U.S. government into taking a dangerous mission to save her brother from prison.
Readers have asked about the titles for this series. All are chess moves and represent, as in chess, the adversarial nature of the two sides in the story lines. And, as with chess, there are many players on the board who may have a bearing on the outcome of the game.

The Capablanca Variation: The End Game

is expected to be released in 2011.

Douglas Quinn on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter

For those of you who would like to follow Douglas Quinn’s daily updates, you may find them on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. If you have a profile on any of these sites, look for him under the name Douglas Quinn and/or his user name “obxwriter.” and request he become a friend (or, in the case of Twitter, request to follow his posts). Douglas Quinn encourages your comments on all of these sites.

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