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Yes, you really did read that right. I’ve just signed the contract with Aspen Mountain Press for my m/m paranormal story ‘A Slow Fuzzy Screw’ set in their Del Fantasma series, due out later this year. Here’s the blurb.

A Slow Fuzzy Screw What’s your favourite cocktail? Try the flavour…

Shayne’s heard great things about the bar, Del Fantasma. Experience has taught him to be careful when it comes to relationships, even
relationships that last for only a few hours. Still, he’s a young gay
man and if there’s one thing he wants tonight, at the very least he’d
like to get laid. The trouble is, he has poor taste in men. Cody
Warren, owner and bartender of Del Fantasma might just find him
another flavour.

Leon’s disillusioned with life and haunted by his past. To complicate
matters further, he’s a shape-shifter. He wants companionship, even
needs it, for he fears if he doesn’t have someone in his life he might
just wake up one day with no reason for life to continue. He wants
someone he can feel comfortable with long-term, rather than the
organised sexual encounters designed to repopulate his species, but,
so far, he’s not met anyone emotionally strong enough to stick around
for long.

Shayne’s looking for something out of the ordinary and he can’t say he
hasn’t found it. Leon’s looking for another type of relationship but
Shayne’s not quite what he expected. This time, surely Cody Warren’s matchmaking skills must be off-kilter.

When Shayne asks for a Slow Screw in order to capture the bartender’s attention, he’s not aware there’s more than one blend of the cocktail. The question is whether he’ll enjoy such a new and interesting flavour.

Sharon Maria Bidwell
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