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The “Alternative” Sassy Brit Book Cover Award 2018

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The “Alternative” Sassy Brit Book Cover Award


A celebration of talent! Thank you to everyone taking part and all your entries. If you do not see your cover here, it is most likely going to be up for voting next month. Enjoy these beautiful covers!

The Fed Up Cow


Hilda is FED-UP with being a cow so she decides to be a sheep, then a pig and even a chicken. Is the grass any greener on the other side?

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteMaria Dasic Todoric (Website not provided).

Strange Beings


23 flash fiction tales of mages, witches, demons, faeries, ghosts, and those beings for which we have no name.

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteLindsay Tiry

Eyes Don’t Lie

Cover to Eyes Don't Lie (3)

Oppressed by a demon, Keith is drawn to brunettes with blue eyes; a fetish leading down a sinister path.

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteOctagonlab 

Engaged: An Anthology of Poems

EngagedAnAnthologyofPoems by SusanMarieMolloy

This anthology by author Susan Marie Molloy represents her thoughts and observations, and translating them to poetry form. Each chapter represents separate themes: love, peace and serenity, the strange and twisted, the unknown, loneliness, dreams, and all that brings delight.

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteSusan Marie Molloy

A Mound Over Hell


My dystopian science fiction-baseball novel (a rare genre) is set in 2098 following the West’s defeat by Islam in World War Three as baseball begins its last season ever, only to become a pawn in a political struggle between those who want genuine peace and those who want another world war.

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteBHC Press

Quantum Entanglement – The Gentle Dominant


Helena just cannot believe the way her life seems to be just perfect. She is beautiful, with a figure to match, and passionately in love with Darius Carter, a young, handsome, perfectly toned film star and he returns that love just as passionately. They are totally lost within each other and the sexual chemistry between them seems to grow and grow. She trusts Darius completely as he gently introduces her to his world of BDSM and their lovemaking becomes more intense and pleasurable for them both. However, there is the spectre of Darius’s previous sexual relationship with a high class prostitute, Alice, which somehow always seems to be in the background, not least because of her possible involvement in the abduction and holding to ransom of Helena early on in her relationship with Darius. There is also Connor, Helena’s first lover, who doesn’t seem to have given up on regaining her love. The intensity of Helena’s and Darius’s love and love making appears to build an impenetrable fortress around them, but could that be breached

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteAndrew Bret Wallis

The Lycan Chronicles

BookCoverImage (2)

Following a year after The Daywalker Chronicles, The Lycan Chronicles finds Theo distraught when he finds out that his cousin, Matteo is facing some problems back home. Curious, he heads to Vancouver and soon finds out what’s happened and how bad it really is.

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Visit Artist / Designer Website : CreateSpace

Children’s Short Stories for Action Medical Research for Children


Stories specifically written and published by Bugs2writes to fundraise for Action Medical Research for Children (UK) 100% of royalties go to the charity. There is an eclectic mix of narratives for children to love and enjoy whatever their mood.

Buy Now! Amazon UK  / LuLu.comAuthor Website

Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteLinda Ravenscroft (I couldn’t get Linda’s site to work, so I added a Google search, so you could see some of her other drawings!)


PORT717 Book Cover v5

Primo Gamers across the globe are disappearing. Can Jane Forsyth and Terry Ong work with Jack Talbot before the loss of another?

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteJustine Nortje

A Thin Line Between Love and Lust

Extra Lens Flair Simple Name in Red

A thought-provoking erotic romance that tests the limits our society puts on sex, love, and family. Explore many taboos of love and indulge in a romantic experience unlike any other.

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Visit Artist / Designer WebsiteC E Long (Author Profile link on Amazon)

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