May 2011 Book Cover Award Entry #4 Toxic Assets | Designed by Caroline Gerardo

May 2011 Book Cover Entry #4
Book Title: Toxic Assets
Author Name: Caroline Gerardo
Book Cover Designer Name: Caroline Gerardo

Book Blurb:
Katherine McVeigh has a successful career as Head of Secondary at Bear Stearns. Her husband, a Wall Street bond trader disappears after hiding all their savings and his fraudulent activities at work. She accepts a new position in Newport Beach California as President of the Mortgage Division of Nationwide Bank to get away from her failed marriage and make a new start. What she does not know in moving her sons across country that she going to be framed for the murders of Board Members of the bank. She struggles with balancing her career goals and raising her sons. Rob, a co-worker develops a new love interest. The story shows the lavish expenses of a President’s Awards party in the Turks and Caicos. While at the island party, a second Board Member is murdered. Katherine finds herself drugged at the crime scene. Rob comes to her rescue and “helps” dispose of the body. The reader does not know who to trust as the murderer is not revealed until when the story finalizes in Las Vegas where Katherine is delivering a payoff to the MGM for a top sales employee who is in over his head in debt.

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Click here to view all of May 2011 Book Cover Nominees!

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