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Daisy Doodles by Michelle Robinson

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Daisy Doodles by Michelle Robinson, and Irene Dickson is an illustrated book for kids, which combines a clever mixture of fun drawings and actual photographs to provide a real sense of creating a new, magical world in which Daisy slips into to become a drawing version of herself.

Yes, magical things happen when Daisy Doodles!Daisy Doodles

On a rainy day with nothing to do, Daisy doodled a mouse, Pipsqueak, who sneezed itself right off the page and into Daisy’s life. From there Daisy gets busy doodling and cutting out a magical land and suddenly her room disappears and adventures with Pipsqueak begin!

I wanted to review this book because I love rodents, (fancy rats in particular), and if you ask me this so-called mouse, is actually a bare-tailed rat! And as a fancy rat owner, this makes Daisy Doodles an even greater treat for me.

This is a fun, cute story which should appeal to children who love to use their imagination to draw and make things. If they don’t already, this should encourage them to do so!

Daisy is just like any normal little girl bored on a rainy day, and Pipsqueak, well, he’s an endearing character of whom Daisy brings to life through her drawings. A magical blend of colourful photos and beautiful illustrations, make this a super creative, kids picture book for all to enjoy!

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