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Love Knows No Apocalypse by Patricia Elliott

Welcome to my Sassy Sunday Spotlight!

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Today I am featuring author Patricia Elliott and her hero in her short story LOVE KNOWS NO APOCALYPSE which is in the supernatural anthology MYSTIC DESIRE


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Welcome, Patricia! Which character is the hero in your short story Love Knows No Apocalypse?


Often you’ll hear people give out the names of the main characters, but I want to go in a different direction. I feel that the heroes of this story, despite a possibly gruesome death, are the zombies. Without them, our two main characters wouldn’t have ended up in a situation that made them rely on each other.


Which character did you have the most fun writing?


I enjoyed writing Samantha’s character. She’s strong, courageous and isn’t your average damsel in distress.


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Which character surprised you? 


I think Steve surprised me the most. Who would have thought that he’d be the Hawaiian shirt type? 


Haha! If I were to ask Steve one question, what would it be and what would he answer? 


Why would you choose to wear impractical clothes in an apocalypse?

His response would probably be, “life doesn’t have to stop being fun just because the world is crumbling around you.”

Love Knows No Apocalypse by Patricia Elliott

Will we be hearing anything more from Steve or other characters from Love Knows No Apocalypse?


I have no current plans to include them in any other story, but you never know what the future might bring.


When you write do you have any kind of routine or ritual to help you get started, especially when looking at a blank page? 


It can be hard to get started in the morning. There are so many other things one could be doing other than writing, and sometimes I find myself getting lost in those; but, to get started, I’ll open up my story and re-read the last few paragraphs to reground myself in the story and then make sure I have my trusty Dr. Pepper sitting next to me. I’m not a morning person. *lol*


Next book?  


My next book is called “Not You Again!” We don’t have a release date yet, but it is in the process of being published and should be released soon. Here’s the blurb:


“Emma Praught has everything a woman could wish for: a house, a husband, and a teen daughter who she wouldn’t trade for the world. But when she receives that fateful call, everything falls apart.


Her husband is dead. The life she knew is over. And before she has a chance to make sense of it all, death threats roll in and so does a man from her past. One she never expected to see again.


Devon Matthews, in the stupidity of his youth, broke the heart of the only woman he ever loved. Something he has never gotten over. Now he has a chance to make it up to her by protecting them. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll find it in her heart to forgive him. If he can keep her alive that is.


Will they make it through this unscathed, or will Emma’s stubborn nature make it difficult for them both?”


Where can we find out more?


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19 thoughts on “LOVE KNOWS NO APOCALYPSE Sassy Sunday Spotlight ~ Hero #Interview with #author Patricia Elliott @AuthorPatricia @BVSbooks

    1. I love the premise of that story! Love the Hawaiian shirt, such a great touch. I love this hero already!

    2. I’m so happy you like my work, Ric. It’s so exciting to think that another book is coming out soon. Thanks for commenting. 😀

  1. Hi Patricia and Brit,
    Both of your stories sound great Patricia. I’m a big zombie fan, not because the dead are so fascinating in themselves, but more because of the effect that they have on the living. Sounds like Love Knows No Apocalypse is a perfect fit for me! I’ll be reading it very soon.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting and reading 😀 I’ve always been a huge zombie fan or anything apocalyptic related.I’ve always wondered how our world would fair if everything went dark. I can’t wait to read all the stories in Mystic Desire.

    2. haha! Me too! I looked for a much brighter picture of a shirt, but that was the best one i could come up with, that was free to use… still looks fun!

  2. I love Steve’s attitude on life! And I often feel the world is full of zombies, so this one appeals to me. LOL.

    1. That’s too funny, Gibby… but I get where you’re coming from – some truth said in jest? LOL

  3. Thank you, Laura! Yes, totally love author interviews myself. Fun to do and read!

  4. Oh my gosh, Patricia, Not You Again! sounds absolutely fabulous! I’ve started Mystic Desire (though I’m going in order so I haven’t read Love Knows No Apocalypse yet. I’ll get there!

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