Kindle Holiday Hat Hunt #4 /19 — Megan Johns Invites you to meet the authors!

Holiday Hat #4 /19 — Megan Johns
1stDecember 2011 – Thursday
We’re back with Megan Johns to meet the authors this time! Please drop by to leave a comment for them here: 
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Daily prize – For today’s prize Megan is giving away a copy of her ebook The Path of Innocence . To enter, all you have to do is: 
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Kindle competition – Hat No.4– Find where the 4th‘Holiday Hat’ cover No.4 is hiding and make a note of the url.You’ll need to list them as many as you can find and send them to me at the end of the tour.
Good luck and happy hunting! 
Here’s some information about Megan John’s book The Path of Innocence:
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‘The Path of Innocence’ is a contemporary romance which explores the challenges faced by Fiona and Roger, two young innocents from opposing backgrounds, as they journey towards adulthood along a turbulent path of self discovery, love and sexual awakening. We follow their struggles and witness the pain they suffer as a result of showing too much trust in those they perceive as friends, only to be betrayed. 

Fiona is strong-willed and idealistic, a firm believer in true love and family values, but her naivety leads her into compromising situations which test the strength of her resolve, making it difficult for her to live up to her own standards. 

Roger, on the other hand, is emotionally scarred by an unhappy childhood and, more recently, the untimely loss of his mother. His encounters gouge ever deeper wounds which leave him disillusioned and erode his trust in others. It takes a huge leap of faith for him to let Fiona into his affections.

When they eventually meet and fall in love, it seems that they have finally found the happiness that has, so far, eluded them both. Yet, they are unaware of the powerful struggle Debbie, Fiona’s mother, has with her own conflicting desires and which threatens to bring their happiness crashing down. 

Debbie’s journey is an important theme and the book explores her inner turmoil, wrestling with her contradictory emotions as she cares for her invalid husband whilst also nurturing a burning sexual desire.

The dramatic consequence of Fiona and Roger discovering her dark secret threatens to shatter their beliefs in everything, including their future together. Can their love survive a final cruel twist of fate?

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