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The “Alternative” Sassy Brit Book Cover Award 2018

JULY 2018 winner is announced…

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in celebrating these wonderful cover artists and the amazing work that they do. I think you’ll agree there’s a lot of talent out there and quite often the artists remain in the background, which is a shame as I fully believe a good cover can make all the difference to an author’s sales.  What do you think?  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of these beautiful covers, and I’m glad to have shared them with you.  I do hope this monthly contest will go some way towards providing the recognition these artistic individuals deserve. With the amount of votes received, it certainly looks that way!  So once again, thank you for all of your support – authors, artists and last but not least, those of you who took the time out of your busy schedule to vote. Once again you totally rock! x

The winner of the JULY 2018 Book Cover Award is… 

A Promise of Fireflies came a worthy second, with You Are The Light coming an equally worthy third place.

To see all the covers again, go here ——–> THIS LINK!


Congratulations, Fine Design and Diane Merrill Wigginton! 

Olivia’s Promise

Young woman who helps spirits pass over to other side, turns back on those who need her the most because of peer pressure, but must make a decision because of best friends tragic and sudden death. Will she have the courage to face her fears and save her best friend from a fate worse than death?

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Visit Artist / Designer Website : Fine Design ~ Contact email: tim@izzardink.com

Author Websitehttps://www.facebook.com/AngelinasSecretBook/

I’ll place this winning picture on my site for a whole month.

As I’m looking into changing how I do this Book Cover Award, the next one will be up in a couple of days time. If not before. Stay tuned! 

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Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.

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