July 2011 Book Cover Award Entry #4 Book Title: Denae’s Lesson | Designed by Fantasia Frog Designs

July 2011 Book Cover Entry #4
Book Title: Denae’s Lesson
Author Name: Ashlynn Monroe
Book Cover Designer Name: Fantasia Frog Designs

Book Blurb:
Part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series: Denae’s proud of her acting ability and her beauty. She feels superior to everyone in her small town. Dalton is the boy next door. He’s talented and shy. Denae knows she’s his muse, inspiring his beautiful plays. She’s never seen him as anything special.

Her mother’s bitterness about the dreams she gave up when she became pregnant have influenced the way Denae looks at her own world. Dreaming of escape, Denae lives for the day her responsibility to her mother ends and she can finally leave to pursue the career she’s always wanted. She refuses to settle for a future like the life her mother has endured.

One night after a performance Dalton takes Denae away against her will. He skillfully teaches her about penance and passion. She finds herself his willing captive and eager pupil, craving each lesson in humility and pleasure.

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