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Crazy Love by

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I love Emily. I know she loves me too, she just needs me to show her. One day, we will be together forever, I’ll make sure of that. She’s only with this guy she’s been hanging around with to test me, see if I’ll stand true. Emily wants me to fight for her, to see if I can win her. Of course, I will. Once she sees how I’ve been caring for her, all the plans I’ve made, the lengths I’ve gone to in order to be with her, she will be so proud of me. If only she would stop pretending so I could stop hiding in her attic.

Reach deep into the mind of mentally ill millionaire, Noah Burell, as he turns Emily’s world upside down.

15% of all proceeds will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness


Chapter One


The rain beats down on my car as I sit in the parking lot, eyes darting from the door of the CVS to the clock in the dash. It’s almost time for her to be leaving. Raindrops bead and drip down my windshield as I grab the oversized umbrella in the seat beside me. A gentleman would be waiting at the door. My car is parked around the corner, well hidden. I have my reasons for that. Water sloshes over my leather shoes, the cuffs of my suit pants are dampened as I trudge through puddles, holding the umbrella high. A smile reaches my face when I imagine how happy she will be when she sees that I thought to meet her at the door.

Under the overhang, I close the umbrella and check my phone again. She’s going to be coming out any moment now. My heart  rate picks up a little bit. I can almost see her bright red hair and those big, round brown eyes as she smiles up at me,  says my name when she greets me.

The doors open. I hold my breath, turning, hoping. It’s only a little, elderly woman. She’s not looking as she fishes keys off a small purse dangling from her arm. The doors
open again. I see that bright red hair before I see anything else. Gripping the umbrella, I watch the doors open, my heart slamming against my ribs.

“Bye!” Her voice is lilting as she waves goodbye to someone in the store. She’s not carrying an umbrella. This won’t do. What if she got sick from getting wet? I’ll have to speak to her about taking better care of herself. I won’t have her being careless.

“Emily, hi.” I say, stepping into her path.  Those brown eyes stir up something deep inside me as she turns towards me. Emily sidesteps me, her smile flickers a bit before resting on her lips. She takes a deep breath and glances towards her car, keys in hand.

“Hello there, Mr. Burrell. How are you today?”

“Terrible weather isn’t it? Headed home?”

“To a friend’s engagement party, actually. I’m running a bit late. I got stuck on the phone. You don’t like the rain?” I shake my head.

“I prefer sunshine. And I’ve told you before, call me Noah.” She shifts her weight, glancing at her car  again.

“I hate to rush off, but I have to get going. My friend will be wondering where I am. I’m sure the night pharmacist can help you.” Surely she realizes that she’s the only reason  come by every day. She’s just teasing me. I smile.

“Let me walk you to your car. I have an umbrella.”

“I’m fine. I’m not parked far. Thank you.”

“I insist. I won’t have you getting sick.” She blows out a breath.

“It’s no problem. It’s not cold out. Don’t trouble yourself.” She starts out into the rain. I reach out, grabbing her by the elbow. My hand on her skin sends heat through me. I’ve never touched her before this moment.  Stopping, she turns back and looks at me, pulling carefully away from my grip, depriving me of the skin left revealed by  her short sleeved polo shirt.

“Seriously, I’m fine,” she says, sternly. Normally I’d never tolerate this… attitude. This defiance. But this is Emily. My Emily. She just doesn’t understand yet, but she will. Once she understands, she will thank me.

“Of course you are. But why deprive a man the chance to do a gentlemanly good deed for the day?  Defeat fills her eyes as she nods, motioning with a gesture for me to come with her. I walk by her side, as I’m meant to. She’s close to me, under the protective umbrella, sheltered from the rain. I linger as she opens her car door, gets inside, and then looks up at me after sticking her keys in the ignition.

“Thank you, Mr. Burrell.”

“It was my pleasure, Emily. Tell your friend, Caroline, good luck in her engagement for me.”

I walk off, leaving her staring after me. I hear the car door slam, and I realize my mistake. Maybe she won’t catch it. I shouldn’t have said Caroline’s name. I walk towards the store until I know she’s pulled off, then head back to my car, silently cursing myself for letting it slip that I know her friend. Damn it. Surely, Emily will understand. Women like men that pay attention, don’t they? She will be proud of me for watching over her.

I toss the umbrella into the back seat of my car, assuring myself that My Emily knows me better than this. She won’t be angry. She will be flattered. I have just enough time to get to dinner before heading to her house. I need to give her time to leave before going in to check my cameras.




I must have mentioned her name. I don’t remember doing it, but surely I did. It’s the only way he would know it. Isn’t it?

Noah Burrell is an irritation to me, and nothing more. I’d love for a day to go by without him popping up in the pharmacy  window to say hello. This middle-aged guy is probably just lonely, but I don’t see why. He’s practically made of money, and sure to tell me about his business or drop hints about his wealth at least once a week. At first I thought it was cute.  Older guy just being friendly. He’s handsome, in that distinguished sort of way, but I’ve never been one to go after older men. After a couple of months I realized that he was singling me out every time he came into the store. Now it’s been six months and it’s just getting creepy. My coworkers tease me, telling me that he’s my sugar-daddy boyfriend. I suppose that  I’m too nice. I should just tell him, point, blank someday that he’s getting nowhere but he hasn’t actually done anything  but be friendly. Never asked me out, never touched me, until today. When he grabbed me to keep from going into the rain.

Shaking my head, I pull into my driveway and dial Caroline’s number as I get out of the car and run to the front door,  dodging raindrops.




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Rachael Tamayo has written Romance, paranormal, and now this best selling author is trying her hand at thrillers. “I’ve discovered that I love writing thrillers and believe I’ve found my genre. I doubt I’ll be returning to contemporary romance anytime soon, but everything I write will always have some element of romance.” When she’s not writing, you can usually find her with her family. Mom of a four year old son and infant daughter, and wife of thirteen years. Her full time profession as a 911/police dispatcher in the Houston area gives her an interesting perspective into people that others might not have. Rachael was born and raised in Southeast Texas, where she lives with her family.

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