INTERVIEW: with Sturmen Krieg ~ Conducted by Lucille Perkins Robinson

Sturmen Krieg Interview – conducted by Lucille Perkins Robinson.

LPR: Mr. Krieg, your website – – lists quite a large number of accomplishments. Please, tell us a little about these accomplishments and what you do for a living.

SK: When I left the military in ’91, I wanted to do something different – to engage in something 180-degrees away from my previous life. So, I packed my bags and headed for New York City, where I attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and HB Studios, studying both acting and directing technique. I spent the next ten years as a stage actor and director. This was truly an experience I will always cherish. I met many wonderful people in New York City, my wife being one of them.

Also during this time, I returned to school via the Internet. At first, I merely wanted to obtain a Master degree (a personal goal), and, frankly, at the time the major was not an issue. The more engaged I was, however, the more committed I became. This culminated in three Master degrees and a Ph. D. I suppose this passion for learning resulted from a quirky character trait. Most of my life it’s been feast or famine, that is, I either absolutely commit to a project, goal, etc. or not at all. There is very, very little I do halfway.

I never truly intended to become and educator, however, one year after obtaining my Ph. D., I decided to disseminate my curriculum vitae out of curiosity, merely to see what would happen. Surprising to me, I received a positive response. I began teaching undergraduate courses in computer applications, computer networking and systems analysis and design.

While completing my studies, I published The Dark Ages, a single story centered on an escapade involving both Richter and Ramsy. This effort was a total flop. The book was written poorly, and it became apparent to me I was trying to say entirely too much. That is, my writing tended to go off track, deviating from the main storyline. After a close and very critical analysis of my work, I realized I had much more than a single story. This was when the concept for The Dark Ages trilogy began to evolve.

LPR: Richter, the main character in Malignance, is a member of the Special Forces, but I’m not sure which one. Have you been a member of a special force operation? If so, and if you’re allowed, can you tell us a little of what your duties were? READ MORE HERE…


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