INTERVIEW: with Linda Pynaker, author of ‘Make it Happen!’ And ‘Messages of Hope and Healing’ ~ Spirituality ~

Interview with Linda Pynaker, author of ‘Make it Happen!’ And ‘Messages of Hope and Healing’ ~ Spirituality ~

Conducted by Sassy Brit

TJN: Could you please describe what life was like for you as a child when you first discovered your intuitive talent? How old were you and how did you cope with this knowledge?

LP: I do not recall much of my childhood, as it was extremely traumatic. The first intuitive incident I recall was when I was ten years old. My mother and grandmother were lost on vacation and when I intuitively got which direction was North, they disregarded my input. At that time, I decided to no longer share my intuitive abilities with my family, as they did not take me seriously. I know I played with spirits as I had more than one imaginary friend. One of them, Tom, is still with me for the purpose of protecting me.

TJN: Did your unfortunate paragliding accident change you in any way?

LP: It made me extremely aware of the incredible ability of our angels and spirit guides. They constructed the accident in such a way that neither the other pilot nor I was injured, despite the fact that neither of our paragliders should have recovered and fully inflated prior to hitting the ground. They opened both of our paragliders following the mid-air collision, so we were both able to land safely. Their goal was to get me to stop paragliding so I could devote myself to writing and discovering my psychic medium abilities.

TJN: Can you tell us more about some of your own angels and spirit guides. Do they each have a special quality?

LP: I am currently aware of a team of 19 spirits who assist me. Each of them is with me for a different purpose. On the occasions when they do not make their vailance (appearance) visible, I recognize them for the difference in the vibe and color of their energy. The following are a few of my guides:

Shabbihmahhah – my master guide, commands respect, and presents as a strong and powerful African Chief, but is very compassionate. He helps me to evolve spiritually and develop my skills as a spirit medium. On the lighter side, he also helps me shop for groceries, lets me know where to get sale items and reminds me if I forget something on my list.

Grandma Sutter – very warm energy, with a delightful sense of humor. She assists me with writing and accompanies me on spiritual events. She has been a great source of support to me in that respect and has helped me since I started writing.

Angela – brings me reassurance and has a light energy. She is an angel and is with me for life enhancement and strength.

Aunty Lily – a no-nonsense lady, who helps shop for clothing and make-up. She chooses my clothing and jewelry for each of my events. She also assists me with designs for my Designs by Linda jewelry business.

Cousin Pam – is fun, fun, fun. She has a bouyant energy and almost constantly giggles. She helps to keep me in touch with my inner child and also helps me make jewelry. When I get frustrated with wire wrapping jewelry, she is always available to lighten things up.

Maternal Grandfather – only appears at the most crucial times. He presents as extremely strong and supportive. He assists with business decisions and is also a healer.

Teddy/Toby/Joey – Teddy is a young mischievious child spirit. This spirit also shared two past lives with me. His energy and involvement is different, depending upon which vailance he chooses. When he is a child, he encourages me to nurture my inner child. When he is Toby or Joey, he is more mature and supportive.

TJN: I found your book ‘Messages of Hope and Healing’ both encouraging and inspirational. What inspired you to write this book and share it with others?

LP: I wanted to help readers through the grieving process. Messages of Hope and Healing provides a great deal of reassurance that our loved ones in spirit remain present in our lives, hold no grudges and are doing well. This assists readers to gradually pull themselves together and reach out to life.

In addition, I cherish my relationships with each of my spirit guides and angels. I wanted to help others to have the same opportunity. Life is a whole lot more fun, exciting, and reassuring when you can share it with your spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit.

TJN: Please suggest one way readers can open up to their spirit guides and angels?

LP: The single most important thing is to build in periods of calm so messages can get through to you.

TJN: Has your counselling knowledge helped the progression of you healing others?

LP: Definitely. It has helped me to recognize the importance of objectivity and acceptance. The counselling experience has also enabled me to be more knowledgeable about the struggles people endure.

TJN: What is your favourite healing technique?

LP: The healing work I do is based on Healing Touch principles, but I also use a variety of psychic techniques, such as cleansing the aura, psychic erasures, and past life regression from an observer position.

TJN: Who has influenced your life, and why?

LP: My twin sister has been a wonderful influence as I have always been assured of her unconditional love. She introduced me to healing energy, which led me to discover my intuitive and healing abilities. She also introduced me to watercolor painting. Rosemary Altea has also influenced me as, through her books, she demonstrates that normal everyday people can develop incredible psychic medium abilities to help others.

TJN: Can you tell me more about the ‘Messages of Hope and Healing’ book cover, and what it means to you?

LP: One of my angels, Angela, frequently sends me hummingbirds as validation and to cheer me. I asked my twin sister to paint a cover with a hummingbird dipping its beak into a flower. The rest of the image was channeled to her, with the help of one of our shared spirit guides, Aunty Eleanor. The passion flower is open, fresh and beautiful, similar to all spirits from the light. It represents a mandala in that it symbolizes unity and harmony.

TJN: When writing, do you have the help of one particular guide, or many? If so, please explain.

LP: Guides are involved in our life depending on what we are working on and whether it matches their area of strength. My husband’s maternal grandmother has assisted me since I began writing and helps me with anything related to the spirit world. She apparently was in contact with the spirit world on this plane and provided tealeaf readings, but kept this secret from her family. My maternal grandmother helped with the romance segments in Time To Heal: A Novel, which is laced with her subtle humor. My biological father and maternal grandfather assisted me with Make It Happen! Use Your Intuition and Positive Spirals, although the only part I am aware of receiving direct assistance was with the Introduction, which was channeled to me by my maternal grandfather. My guides do not typically write for me, but instead provide ideas and let me stumble my way through.

TJN: I know it wasn’t always possible for you to have your own writing space, but now that you have, what is it like?

LP: It is a joy to have a private writing space and enables me to influence the energy to be healing and calm. I have a hummingbird feeder, thistle seed feeder and birdbath hanging immediately in front of the window and enjoy the antics of American goldfinches, house finches, sparrows, Black Phoebes and hummingbirds as I write. I am also now able to listen to music and nature sounds without headphones.

TJN: Who are your literary heroes and which novels would you say are the most inspiring for you?

LP: I previously enjoyed the escapism of Barbara Delinsky’s novels. Since discovering my spirit medium abilities, my favorite authors are Rosemary Altea and John Edward. I appreciate them for helping to get the word out and paving the path for other psychic mediums. Their personal stories are fascinating and, at times, humorous.

TJN: Please suggest three story ‘prompts’.

LP: I love “What if” as a story prompt, which I first learned about when reading Stephen King’s On Writing. “I know this is hard to believe, but…” is another great story prompt and “It was a day like any other day, but…” is another great beginning.

TJN: Do you have a favourite inspirational quote or saying?

LP: “Everything takes longer than you expect.” This is so true of life and I must constantly remind myself to be more patient as I wait for all the events my spirit guides have forecast for me.

TJN: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

LP: I’m writing a screenplay for a murder mystery called Imaginings. It involves a spirit medium and her identical twin sister who frequently converse over the telephone and share intuitive insights to solve the murder. I am also writing a screenplay for Time To Heal as my guides have told me it will become a movie.

TJN: That’s exciting news. You must keep in touch and let us know how your screenplays progress!

TJN: What sort of courses do you run? Are there any available online for those that do not live near enough to attend the workshops?

LP: I provide courses to assist attendees in learning how to channel their spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit. I also provide a course Develop Your Intuition and Positive Spirals, which helps attendees to discover their true potential and realize a deeper connection with their own intuitive abilities.

I currently do not have any courses available online. I anticipate travelling and offering courses in the UK, Australia and throughout the US and Canada.

TJN: Where can we buy your book ‘Messages of Hope and Healing’?

LP: Messages of Hope and Healing is available through Sunpiper Media Publishing at, my web site at and Store locations will be listed on my website as they become available.

TJN: And finally, you sound an adventurous lady, and not one to shy away from thrill seeking sports, such as paragliding and kayaking, why do you think this is?

LP: I am a risk taker, have a great love of life and enjoy variety. Self-discovery has helped this to evolve, but discovering the presence of spirits in my life has provided incredible reassurance and optimism.

TJN: Thanks for agreeing to participate in our interview, Linda. You are an amazing woman who gives so much to help others. I’m proud to have met you!

LP: Thank you. I truly appreciate the opportunity to share my writing and gifts with the public and appreciate you helping me to do so. You provide an incredible gift to the world through your upbeat and informative website.

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